The Urban Homestead project sprouted in 1985 and is located in the middle of Pasadena, California. It is a successful, real-life working model for sustainable agriculture and living in an urban area.

From this bountiful one-tenth of an acre city lot, we grow and sell seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers.

We believe the most radical thing someone can do is either grow this own food or make dinner at home. With this mission in mind, our community outreach was seeded in 2001.

Upon learning about our homestead project, millions worldwide were inspired to take small steps towards a more sustainable life.

Growing the Future

To help us to provide you with amazing local food and to continue growing our community outreach, our goal is to raise money for new or used items for the Urban Homestead’s kitchen and farm.

The cottage food bill allows us to sell directly from our kitchen, so we want to provide our customers with even more baked goods, soups and preserves.

Not only are we growing (and preserving) food but we are growing community, too. With farm dinners and skill-share workshops, our little farm in the city is fostering a face-to-face relationships where people come meet other people.

Our home, turned homestead, is now a “Homestead Hub” offering many events a month – from farm dinners, to after school programs, workshops and more!

To accommodate this growth, we need to make basic improvements and upgrades to our facility.

Small Steps, Big Impact

Every year we farmers face challenges, but we LOVE what we do.  With the dirt of the earth and sweat of our brow, we strive to earn our daily bread.

We are indeed blessed and extremely grateful and humbled by those who have supported us. With your donations and support, we hope to realize our goal to better SERVE our community.

Thank you for supporting our efforts!

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