Chimps enjoying sunflowers from our garden

Every week or so a lady we know comes to the house to pick up a bag of organic sunflowers to bring to the chimps at the LA zoo. Sunflowers, as it turns out, are very much enjoyed by the chimps — sorta like a treat or candy. Kind of gives us a good feeling to share this treat from our garden with them. So if you happened to be at the zoo some Saturday this summer and see chimps chowing down on sunflowers you’ll know whose garden they came from.

Busy Sunday

Thank you all for your concern and sympathy over the loss of our bunny. Every time we bring an animal into our lives we know that someday they will leave us and we will once again have to deal with the pain that comes with such a loss… and yet we still open our hearts. To know that they thoroughly enjoyed their time spent here on the homestead gives us comfort.

What’s on the agenda today?   The weather’s turned cool, “June-gloom like” – quite pleasant actually.   But forecast predict by the end of the week the hot and humid temperatures will return. Weather wise, it’s been a most unusual year.

My mind’s a little scattered today, lots to do, so here’s a quick rundown of homestead activities.

The figs are ripening in a hurry, their lovely soft “pinkish” flesh make delicious jams and so it’s canning time once again in the homestead’s kitchen.

Picking tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, apples, peaches, cucumbers, strawberries and more.

Turning over a few new raised beds, planting a third crop of beans, cucumbers, tomatoes.


Feeding animals, cleaning out animal’s houses, enclosure.

Yogurt making. Years ago we purchased two non electric yogurt makers which make yogurt making quite easy.

Sprouting seeds.   Like to keep a ongoing supply of these tasty and nutritious seeds.

Siphon off the sediment on the elderberry wine. Cap and wait three week, then do it again.

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  1. patty says:

    When we lived in Southern California we made many trips to the LA zoo. Had no idea the chimps loved sunflowers. Great to see you are helping to provide them with tasty treats

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome photo of the chimps!

  3. Wildside says:

    That was me with the “awesome photo” comment. You’ve made those chimps very happy & satisfied, I see!

  4. aaron says:


    could you comment on the process you use to can figs?


  5. Linda says:

    Just read your delima regarding your roof. There is a home in my neighborhood that has a roof that looks like canvas. I swear the thing is sewn (seams and all), is white; kind of looks like snow, which it never does here in Murrieta, CA. The guy who lives there must be in the tent business. Never the less, it looks great; and by the way it is a large home.