Canning 101

This is a time of year to share and what a blessing it was that Sis and I had were invited to give a canning class  to a group of wonderful ladies. I’ve done canning classes plentyof times before. But this one was the biggest group of gals, thanks to the lovely Pantalone family and their spacious kitchen, which was big enough to handle 15 ladies and loads of berries & beans.

We spent the better part of the afternoon jamming and canning away. We tackled batches of strawberry jam, blueberry and sage jam; even some dilly beans and carrots were “put up.”  Proud to say that even though it looks chaotic, there were no run, drips or errors on anyone’s part. You gals rocked!   It did get rather hot in the kitchen with all five stove burners going; but a little sweat was worth the sweetness of everyone taking home the fruits of our labor.

Like to thank Michelle for inviting us back, and also the Patalone family and their wonderful hospitality and, last, but not least, Kimberly & Ashleigh who came along to assist us.  You two were a BIG help!

Jordanne's jammin'

Jordanne explains to the ladies about "head space"

Filling the canning jars with strawberry jam

Water bath time!

Now for dilly beans!

Green beans in glass jars ready for the pickling mixture

Wiping down the rims to make sure we have a good seal

More strawberry jam

Having fun mashing berries

This sequence of photos  (below) are courtesy of Kimberly’s iphone!

Checking the "head space"

LOL. I really dunno how to caption this photo... anyone care to take a gander?

Ladling out the strawberry jam into jars

Filling the jars with pickling mixture for dilly beans

Manning, er, womanning the stove

Home Canning Classes

Doesn’t this look like fun?  Would you like to learn canning basics, tips and get a bit of “hands  on experience”?  If you are in the area and would like to learn canning,  have a kitchen (or know somebody who does) and would be interested in pulling a group like this together, you can contact us for our workshop fees and details about the class.


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  1. Bob says:

    Photo caption
    “I do not know but the book said….”
    Yes but I read on the net that….”

  2. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, How do you find time to have workshops? You guys are amazingly organized. I pretty much learned how to can from books. I am still perfecting the art of preservation. This year I tried pickles. They taste OK but turned out mushy. I expect I over cooked them in the water bath. I’ve been reading about the brine fermentation method of making pickles but that takes weeks. I suppose it would be worth it if the end result is a nice crisp pickle. How do you make your pickles?

    As for the caption on the photo. “Oh, my goodness. What do we do now?” You are having a lot fun doing this. Aren’t you?

    Have a great garden produce preservation day.

  3. Naked on a Mountain Top says:


    “Is that “medicinal” herbs? For “special” beans?”

    Ok, I live in Colorado where marajuana is practially legal to everyone and available on nearly every corner, so any time there is a strange looking herb you have to wonder….

  4. V Schoenwald says:

    I wish I could get interest in canning and home making classes here, but it is a lost cause.
    What did I forget! or What is swimming in my jars! My luck would be something swimming in the jars as I had that happen when I didn’t check good enough and had a bug swimming in a jar of tomaotes, EeeWWWW!
    Have a great weekend, ladies

  5. Amy says:

    I wish so much that I lived close enough to come to one of your classes! Do you have any recommendations for on-line resources to learn to can at home? Blessings, Amy

  6. barter411 says:

    caption: “That memory card with all the instructions was right there before the last batch of beans went through.”

  7. Catherine Mabry says:

    Caption for picture: “Jordanne…I think the cat may have peed on this sage!” “I think you’re right Sis. Will it wash off?”

  8. Sandie says:

    Captain: “Oh, my gosh! Did we can some worms?”

  9. Jarrah says:

    Thyme, thyme, thyme, see what’s become of me
    While I looked around
    For my possibilities
    I was so hard to please
    But look around, leaves are brown
    And the sky is a hazy shade of winter…

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