If we aren’t already busy enough the days just got busier.  My day goes something like this (while others are similar if not busier than mine)

Wake up, eat, emails, tidy up, feed the animals, spring cleaning, work on e-newsletter, send out e-newsletter, lunch, help pack seeds, print more seed labels, sort seeds, work on compost power point presentation, emails, order some ollas, prepare for weekend events, contact volunteers, try to write a journal entry, answer phone calls, clean, help outside in the garden/yard, make a batch of fermented vegetables (kimchi), make a few phone calls, back to working on power point presentation, pick vegetables, clean kitchen, sort out canning jars, dinner, emails, help in the garden, feed animals, emails, power point presentation, check out some new recipes, watch PBS Little Dorrit, emails and then off to bed.

I know I missed a few things thereabout but you get the gist of how life is like these days.  One of the most challenges we face here on the urban homestead is managing and organizing everything.  Growing food is easy (well, considering), even persevering the harvest but when it comes to where to store all the stuff that is required to operate an urban homestead in such a small space is a challenge which we face every single day.

A few highlights to report before I move on to posting the ever popular Weekly Meal Wrap-up from last week, photos from our fermentation experience or more photos of the intensive micro farm.  Not to mention highlights from the local foods roundtable discussion at Whole Foods last Saturday.

Of course, we have another big weekend coming up so can’t guarantee I’ll get to all the happenings before then but I will try.


HomeGrown Revolution (our little 15 min in-home production) is now available at WHOLE FOODS, Pasadena Arroyo Parkway for $19.99   In the meantime the Hasting Ranch WHOLE FOODS is making arrangements to also sell them at their store as well.

The Arroyo Parkways store is a BIG store (one of the largest Whole Foods stores in the West!) so just ask for Ashley.

Now, we were a little taken aback (very surprised actually) by their request but of course accommodated them in their efforts to make local connections in the community.  However, because we are burning and printing the DVD ourselves not sure if we can continue to do EVERYTHING ourselves.

Save the Dates and Spread the Word

Lots of events happening this month, so take note and mark the dates on your calendar.

Saturday, April 18 (NEW YORK) join Jay & Molly for Earth Day celebrations from 10 am – 5 pm

at 4 PM there will be screening HOMEGROWN by Robert Mcfalls at

477 Beaverkill Road
Olivebridge, NY 12461
(845) 657-8333

Saturday, April 18 (PASADENA) Composting Solutions for the Urban Homestead presented by Jules Dervaes  (10 am – 11 am) Smith & Hawkens 519 S  Lake  Ave

FREE  but space is limited so call the store to reserve

Sunday, April 19 (UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, HOLLYWOOD) Eco Fair this Sunday (10 am – 4 pm)

FREE and fun for the entire family.  PTF and Freedom Gardens will be tabling with an array of hands on demos – solar ovens, soil blocks, ollas, bike blender and more!

Monday, April 20 (SANTA MONICA, CA) Urban Homesteading: Self reliance living in the city presentation by Jules Dervaes at the Santa Monica Library 601 Santa Monica Blvd ( 7pm -9pm)

Presentation is FREE

Saturday, April 25 (MEMORIAL PARK, PASADENA) Greening the Earth Day – PTF and Freedom Gardens will be tabling and there to answers your questions about growing food, using solar, urban homesteading and much more!  (10 am – 4pm)

Event is FREE

Sunday, April 26 (DOWNTOWN CLAREMONT, CA) Sustainable Claremont Earth Day Along 2nd St, in the Plaza, and at the Packing House.

Urban Homesteading: Self reliance living in the city presentation by Jules Dervaes at 12:45 NOON in New Village Square

Event is FREE

Sunday, April 26 (PASADENA, CA) And last but not least don’t forget to reserve your space for our upcoming Film & Food Night.  We’ll be screening a new documentary just released titled FOOD MATTERS.

The event includes a local foods potluck, Freedom Gardens swap and meetup.

Also our resident goats Blackberry & Fairlight will be on hand for petting.  The love to be scratched on their heads and haunches.

Space is limited so make sure your RSVP today!

Hope to see you at one of these venues.  Tell your friends, spread the word – let’s make every day earth day!

Oh and don’t forget to support out efforts through the purchase of safe, secure seeds from

Whew, then perhaps we can catch our breaths after this!  But then I am not so sure.   There’s still some happenings behind the scenes so stay tuned!


  1. Stacy says:

    Oh, if only my rugrat didn’t render me so subpar in the helpful category. My CD is perfectly suited to helping with things like seed sorting/labeling and DVD burning/labeling/packaging. Phooey.

  2. Stacy says:

    *my OCD

  3. Bob says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about your day…don’t forget to de-stress somewhere in the mix!

  4. Tracy says:

    I meant to watch Little Dorrit! Your post just made me realize that I missed it/forgot!

  5. mary says:

    I can sure commiserate on the busy homestead days! I am the point person for our family’s garden/house/kitchen and so on, plus homeschooling our four children. My husband still works in an office – but we have dreams of bringing him home to our cottage suburban-homestead in the future. Then we’ll really get some productive work done! [The kids are as helpful as they can be at their young ages 7,10,12,14]

    Good thing you eat such good food from the garden – that’s the best way to keep your energy up! 🙂

  6. David S says:

    A surprising fantastic series to unwind to, great to hear your taking timeout for :)! Dickens’ “Little Dorrit” is having even me on edge of my seat these weeks, watching the multi-faceted characters & the unraveling Dorrit & Clennam’s intrigue.

    Tracy & all others on the Path to Freedom, unwind w/ the series till May 3rd online here:

    Its going to be busy bee spring for all! Gotta go preserve those fava beans & make more beehives :).

    Vegetarian Kimchi, no fetid fish powder/ anchovy paste, or shrimp powder!?! Must post time allowing & or trade/exchange for? Cabbage lover here but not much into seafood :(.

  7. m0j0d says:

    THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! Saturday, April 18

    Screening HOMEGROWN by Robert Mcfalls in the Catskills
    Not too far from Hudson Valley, Albany, even Central New York

    I am heading there.

    Three and half hour drive for me. Will stay on center grounds for the night. Bringing my daughter and still working on wife.
    Would like to meet up with any fellow Freedom Gardeners
    (email me).

    Hope to meet Jay Ungar and Molly Mason in person. They will be performing at 3:00 PM.

    Will take photos

    ALL DAY EVENT – Earth Day related, many activities

  8. Mike says:

    Wow! Here’s a schedule for ya.

    Do you ever wonder if maintaining the business aspect takes you away from your true love of homesteading?


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