Tradition here on the urban homestead if for our family to get together on holidays and work on new projects.  Thursday was a gorgeous day – sunny and warm.  Perfect for working outside.

We look forward to such holidays.  It’s like the regular routine around the urban homestead takes a new turn.

One year we spent Thanksgiving removing by hand the 30′ x 30′ concrete slab,  the other working bees and another, well, my memory is blurry but all I know is there’s always something exciting going on.

This year the project was building another shed.  This shed will house the honey equipment.  One thing we’ve learned about homesteading in the city you need lots of storage and we’ve outgrown our garage!  It’s also a challenge to use space wisely and it seems that every fall, when the cleanup gets going, we always tend to find that we have more usable space to do something with!

While we occasionally helped with the shed building work, we gals had other plans of our own.  Normally, we’d have dinner at a friends house potluck style, but this time we spent a simple, quiet evening at our home.  So it was baking and cooking for us. Jordanne, the baker, made a peanut butter pie while I got things ready for dinner.   Not to mention a bit of tiding up for Saturday and our annual Harvest Gathering here at the urban homestead.  I even snuck in a few rounds of knitting while listening to a CD a friend gave us – actually have four knitting projects in my basket and I am itching to start a few more.  What is it with the cooler weather and what it does to us knitters.  It’s an affliction I tell you.

Thankfully, we got a lot of work in yesterday as the weather’s taking a dip (cold!) and there’s a chance of rain later today and tomorrow.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day with family and friends and like to say “thank you” to relatives and friends who wished our family a ‘Happy Thanksgiving.’ We are truly thankful for so much: our readers, family and supporters

Goods & Supplies for the Urban Homestead

Oh, and while others maybe rushing around early this Black Friday, you’ll find us hanging out with the critters, picking today’s produce, some gardening work (end of the week means Justin is out with his regular spraying routine — EM, etc) and other typical morning chores.

I will, however, remind you that if you absolutely need to purchase something this holiday season – consider buying from our online store that supplies goods and tools for the urban homestead.  Not to mention many of these items are used by us (many which I’ve written about and posted pics) and also you’ll be supporting our many sites and our growing outreach (which I will go into in a later post)

Thank you for your support!

Farmer D eyes to see if the ground is level

Cleaning up the area around the hives for the new honey shed

Measuring twice, cutting once.  Justin saws the wood by hand.

Up go the walls of the new honey shed

Basket of knitting projects (hat, two scarves and a few dishcloths)

Our 19th meatless Thanksgiving.

and decadent dessert


  1. DoubleD says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! What a productive day at the Urban Homestead!

  2. Sherrill says:

    Glad to see a bit of knitting time was thrown into the mix as well. 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Thank you for presenting yet another alternative to Madison Ave. commercial T-Day and Black Friday chaos. It made me smile and was like a breath of fresh air. Your day sounded productive, serene, and fulfillingly tranquil. Time to rethink my holiday routine! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Chris says:

    PS … The sunoven from is on my Santa Wish List! I’ve been very, very good Santa … well, sorta!

  5. Nihal says:

    Yay for knitting! From the picture, you are knitting granma!s favorite discloth i guess? Would be nice to see you on

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