Blood Oranges Halved
Blood Oranges Halved

The Incredible Colors and Designs in Blood Oranges

Sometimes nature downright astounds us—if we take a moment to notice and savor. Like the incredible splash of color in the dead of winter from blood oranges.

One of the many boxes of blood oranges that were picked on the Urban Homestead just before the recent cold snap was delivered to my kitchen. What a treat!

Blood Oranges Juice

Just-squeezed Blood Orange Juice

And what a simple, renewing task to slice open and squeeze orange after orange, filling the house with such a delightful fresh scent!

Blood Oranges Juice 7 Quarts

7 Quarts of Shockingly Beautiful Blood Orange Juice!

What gift from nature have you enjoyed this winter (or last—for those of you in the other hemisphere)?


  1. Tania says:

    Not a huge amount growing at the moment in the Hampshire UK countryside. Loving the leeks and parsnips … Great for hearty soups!

    We’ve just getting over significant snow fall … Everything is soooo wet at the moment.

    Spring is just around the corner!

    Loving what you guys are doing in th California sunshine.

    Best wishes,


    • Treechild says:

      Thank you for the comment and letting us know what’s growing in your part of the world! Root crops are so delicious….

  2. c says:

    What are you planning to do with all of that juice? Can or freeze or just drink it up bit by bit? Or maybe barter? That is a lot of juice.

    • Treechild says:

      Oh, it doesn’t last long as fresh juice!

  3. JimK says:

    Not a winter crop, but we’re enjoying sweet corn that we froze from last July. We had a half dozen blood oranges this year from a small tree and are looking forward to next year. I hear the longer they sit on the tree, the darker and sweeter the orange becomes…

    Jim and Jewel

    • Rick says:

      I have many orange trees here in San Diego.
      It is March 3rd and I still have oranges on the trees.
      I usually start picking early Feb. but I think there is less acid the longer they are on the tree – sweeter. Most of my trees are dwarf or semi-dwarf.
      I have Cara Cara, Washington Navel, Moro blood, Fukomoto, seedless Valencia, and various tangerines. The Fukomoto can be picked earlier and the Valencia are the last to be picked. My tangerines are just ready to pick (March), but I like to leave them on the tree longer as well.

      • Treechild says:

        What a wonderful SoCal orchard you have!

    • Treechild says:

      Frozen corn is almost as tasty as fresh!

  4. BIll Moran says:

    I just want to say thank you for your website. Your website and the fact that I started a Red Wiggler worm farm last year inspired me to plant an in ground garden, which is doing great. Thank you again

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