In other parts of the country rain may not be as newsworthy as it here out West. Anything wet that falls out of the sky is welcome in these dry part. Yesterday a warm, wet storm parked itself over the southland bringing steady participation throughout the day and night. Our urban homestead’s rain gauge this morning measures a little bit over 1.5 inches. Nice! The garden’s seemingly grown overnight. Somehow the rain makes our hands itchy and hearts hopefuly, it’s an annual winter rain afflication for us urban homesteaders. Hands itching to grow more and hope in our hearts for the new year that’s ahead. And rain makes it all possible.

I spent the day serving an English afternoon tea for which the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for such an occasion. Today, I’m off once again to the tea shop so I’m not able to catch up with all the homestead happenings. After work last night I did go through most of the thousand photos taken here on the urban homestead in 07 trying to choose which ones to post for ‘Best Photo of the Year.’ The photos selected so far are seemingly ‘animal’ heavy. Considering it was an “animal filled” year here on the urban homestead with raising the new batch of chicks and ducks. Choices, choices, choices.


So many things happening, so many neat ideas/concepts that we’ve been cooking up and yet not enough time to implement. Can one be cursed with too many good ideas? I’ve think we’ve got a case of “toomanygoodideasnotenoughtime.” Know of any cures? Herbal preferably. 😉

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  1. jen says:

    I was inspired by PTF to buy a rain gauge and we got 1.25 inches over in Culver City. And I tried not to worry about earthworm hari-kari too much…

  2. Val says:

    I wanted to let you know that when looking at your photos I appreciate that you don’t enhance them!