Winter garden

Out In the Garden

As you can see from these photos, most of the backyard garden’s been protected from the cold nights. The last few days temperatures have been dipping to 32 degrees giving us our first light frost of the year.

In the garden an 8 foot high eggplant is still growing. The towering eggplant is still producing eggplant and we are going to see how long it can go into the winter season.   The eggplant is not the only lone remnant of the summer giants. On the driveway a monster 12 foot tomato continues to thrive and produce tomatoes.   We do have our 20 or so’winter’ tomatoes; however, this Carmelo tomato is still growing after having been planted sometime in May.

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  1. Beany says:

    Is that a banana plant in the second picture toward the right of the house? I am so envious. When we buy our home, my goal is to grow a banana plant.

  2. Mia says:

    What type of material do you use to cover for the winter?