Smashing oranges

For those of you who are wondering what 400 lbs of oranges look like here’s a pic of four of the six shelves.   One thing is for sure, with all this citrus we better not get any colds. *grin*

This month our co-op order included a few more pounds of dried beans to supplement our diet that was dramatically affected by the frost. We did “splurge” and buy a box of organic apples (to barter with and figured it would help stretch the gallons bags of homegrown guavas in the freezer) and big bag of carrots which will help add a bit of variety to the “beans and rice” meals.   Of course, I ordered the usual potatoes and onions, but I feel a bit guilty about purchasing the apples and carrots.   One consolation, with such co-op orders, one never knows if you get what your ordered until the truck shows up so perhaps we won’t get them after all!   Back to our discussion with a friend who wondered what we’d be eating, we told him one thing we refuse to buy from the stores is any green crops (salad, peas, chard, broccoli) because of our having lost ours and with our pretty decent supply of beans, rice and winter squash should do quite well. The meals may be mundane, but it’s all about using what you have grown.

Food prices are expected to rise because of the hard freeze that wiped out much of the states winter crops so it will be interesting to see if we can keep our winter average of $100-$150 week budget allotted for staples.

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  1. todd says:

    good morning- enjoy your site and check in often. i live in north carolina and am on a “path” focused on anti-racism and collective living. read your entry this morning and was reminded of how isolating it can feel working for change in a very imperfect world. order some apples and carrots if you like and let it be guilt free. you all have taken some extraordinary steps but are still part of this imperfect world and therefore are constantly confronted with imperfect decisions. i say order what you need, hope that it comes and enjoy it with relish when it gets there.

    keep it up-