Sis asked me the other day, “have we hit the shortest day yet? “   Sorry, Sis, but we still have a few weeks to go.  And, with that information, she let out a big sigh.  I guess you can surmised that Sis doesn’t take kindly to the dark winter days.

Is it just me, or does this winter seem “darker”?    Blame it on the sunspots (I kid you not).  I’m not the only one that’s mentioned this whole year “felt weird.”  Friends have brought this observation on their own and, for that, I feel better because I thought I was the only one that noticed such things.

When 7 pm feels like midnight, how do homesteaders got about being occupied during the winter months (besides dreaming of spring)?  What’s your favorite hobby, do you plan on picking up any new ones over the winter?

I still have a few “UFO” (unfinished objects) in my knitting basket.  My guitar gently weeps because of my lack of playing and a new instrument joins our household – a vintage (1920) tenor banjo.

There’s also canning to be done – apple butters and marmalade.

Yep, a full plate.  However, I am just happy for some “down time.”  This has been one of the BUSIEST years at the homestead and, for me, I do, I would  rather like some quite time – snuggling with bunny, sipping on a cup of tea whilst perusing patterns and dreaming up  desserts to serve at our next tea (check out upcoming events).



  1. Gigi says:

    I felt those dark winter evenings more during the effects of Sandy. We were without power for 11 days.

    In addition to daily activities-that were more challenging due to a difference in schedule and implementation (by day 11 we were in a good routine), I practiced my instrument–obligations were/are fast approaching, and knitted a lot!

    Currently, I use those early dark evenings wisely. I am currently making the grandchildren an animal based scarf and matching hat, each with their favorite color. I am also knitting things for others.

    • Gigi says:

      correction…animal shaped scarf. No animal in it!

      • Anais Dervaes says:


        So sorry to hear about Sandy but glad things are OK. Lucky you–how I wish I could sit and knit more but there are pressing issues here on the homestead. One day, I hope things return to the way things should be. Until then…

  2. Sarah says:

    I feel the same way! I am in Indiana and it gets dark shortly after 5pm here! Ugh! And it hasn’t been snowy like it is typically here. It’s just chilly enough to be dreary… You have to snuggle up inside and stare out at all the dormant trees and dead grass.

    We also moved from our 10 acres to ONE acre at the end of summer. So I haven’t got to plant trees, my strawberry plants, or even develope a garden area. So I am sitting and dreaming: getting my seed orders around, thinking about which chickens we want to order, and getting our new guard dog (because of a local meth problems and some if-y neighbors)… Right now, I’m dreaming but you just reminded me of my yarns that are now stored away still from moving! Maybe I have a little more to do until the days start getting longer…

    PS- I will be REreading all posts about homesteading on a small bit of land… I NEED some good info now! 🙂

  3. Roxanne says:

    I live in Phoenix … the weather here is still nice enough in the winter that garden is still bursting with loveliness. I do enjoy the longer cooler quiet nights but the summer here is like other peoples winters … nothing really grows – I loathe being outside even for a fraction of a second – with the heat I feel drained and not really even it mood to do any projects. Then the weather cools down .. my plants come to life and with a spring in my step I feel renewed and recharged just in time to tackle all my holiday projects (knitting/crocheting, sewing, extra reading and best of all .. baking!)

  4. Jennifer Kinner says:

    I love your website and wanted to comment on this 2012-3013
    winter. I live in Texas where it never rains and it gets so hot. So winter
    Is a great break now. I have so much to to. I have painted my bathroom
    And fixed it up really nice. My husband made me shelves for our guest room
    that has a desk attached perfect tor all mystuff. He also he made us a platform
    Bed for the quest room with storage. Also working on my menus and grocery shopping list. But further into winter I will be ready to plant my garden. I also
    Play the banjo and my husband the guitar. Church on Wednesdays. And
    Sundays movies. God bless you and your homestead.

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