Surprise! Tank Tops to Winter Coats?

A winter storm blows in out of blue, bringing chilly weather and rain.    Rain, in September? What’s the world coming too?  I have a feeling weird weather assurances are going to be norm now.

Sitting down? A winter storm is on its way {LATimes}

Sitting down? A winter storm is on its way A Canadian cold front is expected to bring rain, snow, thunderstorms and lower temperatures to the Southland.After about 150 days of dry weather that has frustrated firefighters, devastated crops and contributed to Southern California water woes, the region is expected to see its first significant rains beginning today.
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Getting ready for interview

Lights, Camera, Action

Whew, we are beat. Two days straight (  20  hours) being followed, filmed and interviewed. A local producer is working on a eco-documentary which is in its early stage, so it be awhile before anyone sees the actual piece.   If there are any developments, you’ll hear it here!


Have you got green fatigue? {Independent UK}

You recycle and buy local – but the earth’s still warming and the ice cap’s still melting. If you’re starting to feel apathy creeping in, you’re not the only one.
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To go green, live closer to work, report says {LATimes}

New study says planning compact, mixed-use communities instead of suburbs would help save the planet.
Don’t want to fork out for a Prius? Can’t see tanking up with ethanol? Can’t afford solar panels for your roof?
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Greensumption {YOUTUBE}

As the world approaches catastrophic breakdown from climate change, politicians and corporations see it as a business opportunity — “shop to save the planet” is the new green marketing slogan. (Check out the video.) And check out the 3-day Teach-In in Washington DC focused on climate change, wildlife extinction, and “peak oil” — 60 speakers from 16 countries, September 14-16, including Vandana Shiva (India), Bill McKibben, Michael Klare, Frances Moore Lappe, Richard Heinberg, Megan Quinn, Walden Bello, Wes Jackson, Randy Hayes, Jerry Mander, John Cavanagh. They’re going to separate the False Solutions (biofuels, “clean coal”, nuclear power, and “greensumpution”) from Real Solutions: conservation, powering down, localization.
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  1. small greenhouse says:

    A winter storm blows in out of blue, bringing chilly weather. I am in Louisiana and that chilly weather would be welcome here.