Living on the urban homestead, connected and surrounded by nature (well, as much as possible in such an urban environment), there are always birds and stray animals that we have rescued over time.

On Saturday, a friend of ours called and informed Jordanne that there were four baby squirrels left in a box at a local church. Seems some tree trimmers cut down their home – a beautiful towering Cypress tree. Our friend, having two dogs in her home, needed a place to bring them to be looked after until a wildlife rescue person was contacted. Knowing Jordanne is especially fond of animals and has rescued her fair share of wildlife and stray cats in her life, our friend thought Jordanne the perfect candidate to help find these little guys a home.

Jordanne already had “rescue supplies” on hand – bottles, formula, electrolytes so our friend, brought these four baby squirrels over to our place for Jordanne to watch over. The squirrels were in pretty good shape despite their ordeal. One had a tiny little cut on its leg – but nothing serious.

On Saturday evening, I called an acquaintance who knew a local woman who rescues urban wildlife and releases them back into the wild. On Sunday, while I was once again at work at the tea shop, Jordanne got in touch with the wildlife lady and she agreedto care and take care of them.

It was hard not to get attached to these four adorable creatures in the 24 hours they were here…. these photos show why….

squrl-1.jpg It‘s not mommy, but sure is a good substitute

squrl-2.jpg Just look at that face….. Got milk?

squrl-3.jpg Three (of four) little squirrels

squrl-4.jpg Content. Full tummy and sweet dreams

As a matter of fact Jordanne informed me it was against the law to keep a wild animal for more than 48 hours without turning it over to “the authorities.” Lucky for us, there are people who are out there that care for such unfortunate and injured urban wildlife.

And lucky for these little guys the tree trimmers had a heart and didn’t just chuck them into the shredder with along with the branches.

This baby urban wildlife rescue coinciding with a recent TreeHugger post about Treeless Squirrels – it’s just too weird.

Hopefully, in a few weeks time, they’ll be out about about climbing and wreaking havoc on some trees – safe from tree cutter! We hope they live a long and squirrely life.

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    Oh my goodness!! Those little guys are so cute I can hardly stand it. Must have been hard to let them go.

  2. Amy says:

    I’m so glad they were saved!

    We have a squirrel who visits the bird feeder on our deck regularly and provides lots of entertainment. I love watching him leaping from branch to branch through the big douglas fir trees in our yard.

  3. Lizz says:

    Oh poor things without their Mama! I just can’t help think about their Mama somewhere out there lost without them…

    You did the right thing! We too have had many rescues both wild and not so wild. It pulls at your heartstrings to be sure.


  4. Ann says:

    They are so adorable! I am glad you were able to save the poor babies!
    You did a wonderful thing for those sweet little ones!

  5. Wendy says:

    Those babies are so cute. We have many squirrels here at our home that we feed and we get to watch the babies as they grow. We love all wildlife here and do what we can to protect it.
    I must say you guys are such an inspiration to us. We just love your site.

    Wendy in Nova Scotia

  6. Tia says:

    I am a squirrelmom myself at times. I am absolutely in love with them. Youre not supposed to move them to another area, but in one situation I saved one from work and took it home…homemade dreys in the trees kept him around, and he would come to the kitchen window for his treats. We try to keep the wildlife wild here, but sometimes you really must lend a hand. Great job guys, and i love love love your blog, i read it EVERYDAY!!!

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