Check out this month’s (October) issue of WHOLE PERSON MAGAZINE (you can get copies at Pasadena’s Main Public Library) for an intimate interview with Jules Dervaes in which he talks about his first homestead back in the 70’s, growing food in the city, climate change & stewardship and even religion.

Pasadena Homestead Part 1

For the Children: An Interview

I met with the Dervaes family on a sultry sunny day.  Our surroundings were something to behold; every bit of earth bursting with life, no ground left unplanted.  Bees & butterflies hovered over everything from gourmet lettuces destined for local restaurants to twisting vines of an Italian heritage squash, grown on arbors creating much-needed shade.   We stat on a porch surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and the sound of contented chickens proudly announcing newly-laid eggs.   All of this – including two goats and several ducks — supported, maintained and held to organic and sustainable standards by the hard work and passion love of Jules Dervaes and his grown children.

Those familiar with the slow food and sustainable-practices movement are probably already aware of the Pasadena Urban Homestead.  The micro farm established in pursuit of a low impact lifestyle within the city has gained following of those who appreciate the Dervaes’ quest for self-sufficiency.


The Whole Person Calendar had a rate and wonderful opportunity to visit and talk to the Dervaes about their lives.  What follows is the first of a two-part interview- a conversation with Jules Dervaes and next month a talk with Anais, Justin and Jordanne.

read/view article online (see pages 8,9,56,57)


  1. Mary Hysong says:

    That was a great interview. I agree about the religion thing. I think I’d have to call my own religion “Earth First” ;=)

  2. Cc says:

    I’m curious, didn’t Jules say you were contiplating moving out of the country? Where are you thinking of going? …C

  3. Heather Hawkes says:

    that was a great article. just what i needed. i have to remember to come here more often. thank you all so much!

  4. Janice says:

    That was an amazing interview! Yes, God gave us a wonderful gift, this Earth, He told us to take care of it…and we(as in the general public of first world countries) are not! People are not thinking at all about the consequences of their actions because they are so detached from the problems caused by their behaviors(what they eat, what they purchase) People don’t care, because corporations/gov (same thing really) want to keep it that way… blind consumerism. Sorry for rambling, I’m preachin’ to the Choir!

    Thank you for sharing that!

    p.s.- what a beautiful cover piece!

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