March and April are shaping up to be jammed packed. Filled with events, public appearances and whatnot.  Of course in between all this we find time to homestead, garden and hang out with friends at our monthly Saturday Social Shindigs.   It’s a full life!

Before I list rundown the list, like to mention that our sister social network site has surpassed 3,450 members. Pretty amazing to watch this site grow and seeing members contribute.

March 13 our homemade, in home production, Homegrown Revolution, will be screening at the Reel to Real Food Film Festival in Missoula Montana.

March 13, 14, 15 our homemade, in home production, Homegrown Revolution, will be screening at the Green Lifestyle Film Festival here in Los Angeles (our family will be in attendance and part of a Q&A session)

March 20-22 Farmer D will be giving a 3 hour ‘Urban Homesteading’ workshop on Friday which will include a screening of Homegrown Revolution. On Saturday evening he will giving a brief Q&A session following a very special screening of another documentary. Then on Sunday he will a special guest at the Georgia Freedom Gardens brunch at the home of Glynis W.

March 26, 29 Robert McFalls 52 min documentary HOMEGROWN will be screening at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

March 26 – our homemade, in home production Homegrown Revolution will be screening in San Diego as part of Patagonia’s Wild & Scenic Tour. Our family will be there in attendance as special guests.

March 29 – PTF hosts Film & Food Night & So Cal FG Swap N Meet. That evening we will be screening a locavore’s documentary EATING ALASKA.  There will be soil block making demos and perhaps some other things we are trying to cook up so come cultivate community with us!

April 5 Robert Mcfalls 52 min documentary HOMEGROWN will be screening at the Cross Roads Film Festival in Mississippi.

Also in April PTF and FG will be taking part in a few Earth Day events at different venues throughout the city – with tabling and speaking engagements!

The earth day events will keep us busy making all the tabling and exhibit preparations especially since our outreach has grown. This time around we will be inviting So Cal Freedom Gardeners to participate. That will be fun!

I will be sending out the details after we get through hashing them out with the organizers of each venue.

Of course we’ll try to squeeze in a another Film & Food, FG Swap N Trade night.

We’ll be keeping you abreast of all the developing details as we get closer to the Earth Day happenings.

Don’t forget you can help our outreach efforts by making a tax deductible donation to our non profit Dervaes Institute or purchase from either Freedom Seed or Peddler’s Wagon

And hopefully we’ll be seeing many of you very soon.


  1. CatHerder says:

    Got my Homegrown Revolution dvd this week, and FINALLY got a chance to watch it this evening…..it was fantastic….it got me SO fired up for this years garden….we live in the burbs but i cant tell you how much i want to get RID OF THAT LAWN!! I can promise you there WILL be edibles in the front yard this year…since thats where all the sun is. Thanks for motivating me!!!

  2. Mike Lemay says:

    Hi Gang,

    I contacted the distributor of your film and asked if the film was going to be for sale on DVD….I got a no. I see above that you can get a copy…how would I go about getting a copy.



  3. Jodi says:

    As one of the organizers of the Reel to Reel Food Film Festival in Missoula, MT, I’d like to pass on our audience’s great enjoyment of your film! We showed it as a second feature after _We Feed the World_, an important but depressing food, and it provided the inspiration that everyone needed. Great discussion about urban gardening and the movement to start at least 50 new lawn-to-garden projects here in Missoula in 2009.

    Thanks for your good work!

  4. Steven says:

    Just wanted to say congradulations on all of your publications. I was very excited to see the publication in mother earth news.

  5. Melissa says:

    We have a large front yard garden on our small suburban lot. Anyway – I see that many of your sayings are trademarked – does that mean it’s a no-no to paint the phrase “homegrown revolution” or “one-trowel revolution” on the front of my garden shed?

  6. Tim says:

    Where did you guys go?? My Family and I homestead 1/2 a mile from a downtown area in Pittsfield , MA. Hard Winters great Spring, Summer and Fall. You are truly our inspiration and we check in almost daily, We havent seen a post in over a week. Are you traveling or are you seeding and spring cleaning like we are. Cant wait to catch up on your homestead happenings. Thank you for the continued inspiration and education. The Craw Family

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