– “June gloom” in July? Finally getting a bit of the gloom which is bringing the temperatures out of the century mark to a more comfortable zone.
– Going green? Need lots of green.  We are looking into green web hosting services.   We want to transfer the entire PTF and Peddler’s Wagon sites to a completely green solar web hosting company (there are those who are cheaper that buy wind and solar power credits). In our prelimindary inquiry, they informed us that we’d need to upgrade to a dedicated server space (because of our bandwidth usage) which would cost nearly $350 a month!   
– Harvested 20# of grapes
– Round 2. Late summer plantings of corn, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, beans.
– Two steps forward, three steps back. Speaking of a sticky web.   Computers are quite sticky and, unfortunately, we’ve had a serious situation happen. Lost some important files and backups (mainly the entirePTF and Peddler’s Wagonwebsite) that we recently placed on a new external hard drive since my computer was running out of space and we are hoping (praying) they can be recovered. Lucky for us we have backups of all the thousands of photos we have taken because those files too were on the new external hard drive. Brought it to a local computer place and they informed us that if they can’t recover the files that they would have to send it to a special place where it would cost about $700! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
– Happy July 4th? Unfortunately, all the commotion of  helicopters and sirens weren’t there just for illegal fireworks but due tosenseless shooting around the corner.   Found out from a friend that two of the victims died.    We’ve lived here twenty years and these past 6 months we’ve never had such violence. This year we’ve already had 5 deaths from shootings within a 1/2 mile of home.- Positive Change. PTF has been recognized by fellow traveler,DownShifting Path in receipt of “Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award”    THANKS for the nod.
– Q&A. I promise I will get to answering your questions.  We are just sooooo behind on computer stuff like the new journal, uploading videos and so on (especially with the recent loss of data) Thanks for your patience.


$25donations from DF & JW Family


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  1. David says:

    Relieved to hear you all are well despite the puter issues. NW Pasadena was always w/ Bloods or Crips or SSP or NSP action in 80’s & 90’s but thought that had passed mostly. My ol Dell acting up & refusing to boot, these cantankerous puters leave me researching on net for solutions. Admiring your photos of lush flora. My matoes are advancing higher daily but am envious your grape’s producing so. Mine has one sad bunch, but hopefully better next year. If you have any vital prunings your tossing out I could use a clone :).

    God Bless & protect you all

  2. Sean says:

    What about hosting yourself?