Winter sunflowers.  That’s right we have a huge patch of self sown sunflowers that are in full bloom in January no less!

Garden in winter – assorted greens, garlic, broccoli, peas and onions.

A gorgeous head of broccoli.

Kumquats almost ripe.  Though semi ripe, I just can’t wait and have been nibbling on them already! Enjoying the pleasantly sweet and intensely sour taste.

First off, what is up with the weather?    It’s hot, I mean really hot for winter.  Temperatures all this week are hoovering near 90!  It’s middle of winter and we are barefoot and short sleeved.

So guess what? Off come all the row covers in the garden.  And lookie here we have a lovely garden growing underneath.  This week the covers are definitely not needed.  A little worried, however, that this spike will be followed by another but in the complete opposite direction.  Seems like the hot and cold roller coaster weather pattern is continuing this year.  Not a good sign I am afraid.    As urban farmers who depend on the weather for our daily break we long for a normal, even semi normal year.

Ok, so the weather’s wacky what else is going on?

Lots.  In between breathing into a paper bag and demolishing a whole entire bar of chocolate (thanks to the swag bags we got up at Wild & Scenic) doing my best to catch up to everything.  It’s times like these you start to hate the person who invented computers, emails and the likes.

Nice to get back and see so many great comments on the LHITC journal and the skyrocketing Freedom Gardens site which is growing by the day.  What is it now, over 2090 FGers?  Wow – way to grow!  Ah yes the Freedom Gardens site and movements was just featured on an online magazine.  I have to post about that too.

Huff puff, trying to catch my breathe!  So many things to catch up on.

Just when we thought we’d get back to normal after coming home, life has other plans.  We are juggling so many things at the moment one could consider it a real circus act.

The garden is looking amazing – well, for a winter’s garden.  Though we are behind in a few plantings, this week we are sure to catch up on our sowing efforts.  The broccoli is growing bonanza and look forward to cooking a few decent spears soon.

Just like we anticipated our first shipment of seeds has arrived.  Now all we have to do is store, pack, label and market.  And that requires us to finish the website so all you wonderful people can start ordering.  Even though we are running a bit behind, we are excited that once launched the site will not only feature pure and secure seeds grown by the people for the people but it will be an educational site too.  Of course we have a few other ideas but then we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.

I am really excited about this latest venture into food security. First because this sort of stuff is in our blood (way back when the Dervaes had a nursery and plant catalog in Belgium) and secondly because of the news reports that the big M is tightening it’s hold during some ‘rural cleansing’

All the animals are doing well.  Except one who looks like a 1/2  plucked chicken.  Poor Bella, must be because of the weather but she suddenly went into an extreme molt.  So extreme that she looked downright ridiculous and pathetic.  I should take a picture but on the other hand I think she would be extremely embarrassed over her bad feather day.  So I will not humiliate her anymore than she needs to be.

Now that our trip is out of the way, it’s back to urban homesteading.   I got one of my hanging pantries out to start sprouting (will post about that soon).   And get this, I am even knitting a scarf!  Knitting is like yoga for me and I need all the “serenity now” time I can get.

At this point I can’t compete with the likes and writings of some other blogs here on the internet but I am going to try to do my best to bring you every day urban homestead life.

People ask how we do it all, honest truth is we don’t.  Some stuff suffers – unfortunately.

Oh, and I have to post what we ate last week.  And boy did we splurge a little.  Stay tuned for the weekly meal wrap up and more.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: GM $25 and DB tithe of $131.37  Thank you for your support.  I know I have said this many times before but thanks to these and other generous donors our growth and outreach couldn’t continue.

A few of you expressed interest in the monthly donation option and I will post about that soon.

This year your support is more vital then ever,  so if you haven’t done already please consider supporting this site.  Thank you


  1. Shirley says:

    Thank you for the link on ‘rural cleansing’. The bible, in Revelation, says that God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”. We can see the need for this growing on a daily basis.

    Glad to hear your seed is in and the site will also be educational. You are all doing a wonderful job.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks also for the link to ‘rural cleansing’. I know this is going on for a fact. I talked with my mother over the holidays about this. My family lives in So. IL and she works at a Farm Bureau there. This news wasn’t shocking at all to her and had known several farmers dealing with Monsanto issues. sad, so sad.

    I hope you get some rest amongst all of your projects! Thank you for taking the time to post. I know there are other things you could easily be doing instead. 🙂

  3. C Aultman says:

    I am really excited for Freedom Seeds! I wish you all the best with it.

  4. ANny says:

    I wish it was hot here in Michigan it’s 5 degrees right now…5!

  5. David Goodman says:

    I love the garden pictures – kumquats are awesome.

    I also appreciate all you do here… you’ve greatly inspired my own urban homesteading project in Middle TN.

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