I sure wish the morning glory could tell us what’s up with the weather!  Poor thing, she doesn’t even know since she’s a late bloomer.

The wacky weather ride continues to challenge us.  We are back into a early spring, early winter pattern.  The week started off like we were to have a normal Indian summer then now back to overcast and very cool mornings and evenings.  No amount of planting would have prepared us for this weather roller coaster ride. Wonder what that will do to our last summer crop plantings.

We have dubbed this summer “the summer that never was” and just are disappointed overall.  Not even our years worth of growing experience could have salvaged this year.   Nature (well, if it’s even natural or man made I wonder) took over and she had her way.

Besides our daily life here on the urban homestead, there’s a lot of extra circular stuff that’s happening behind the scenes.  So  as we struggle daily with wacky weather, uncommon surge of pests and lack of tomatoes to store up for winter there’s some other work that’s going on that’s keeping us just as busy.  Unfortunately, I can’t spill the beans on all that’s going on but I can tell you that it’s pretty exciting.

If we can pull all (or some) of our projects off by the end of the year it’s going to mean bigger and better things for you our readers.  So as the year is nearing an end we are kicking into high gear with long hours and many tense and frustrating moments.

We are thrilled to see our new sister site FreedomGardens.org top the 1,000 mark this week.  For all those who have join, just hang on tight there’s more content and updates to come!  The site’s still under development so bear with us through all the dust.  Achoo!

Not to mention we started work on another social network site – this one connecting urban or citified homesteaders.  A place where you can go to share and learn about energy, waste, water, animals and all the sustainable elements that make up an urban homestead.  We are bringing the revolution home – to the people, for the people and by the people.

Your support, whether it be from sales from the Peddler’s Wagon or tax deductible donations help us continue to grow, share and inspire.  Thank you.

I should also be able to share some news about the independently produced documentary sometime in October.  All inquires on distribution should be made to the producer.

And this week, Farmer D will have completed an article for a major magazine that we all know.  A magazine which goes way back to how this whole journey got started in the first place.

We have a busy week (and Fall schedule) coming up – stay tuned.

Don’t forget, Freedom Gardeners, that this month’s Tally Hoe Contest ends tomorrow night (9:00 PST)

Good luck.


  1. Sue says:

    How does one make a tax deductible donation? What do I report to the IRS? Thanks from Seattle!

  2. Sue says:

    How does one make a tax deductible donation? What do I report to the IRS? Thanks from Seattle!

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