Here’s ours.  What about yours?

Tomatoes, eggplant, squash, peppers, beans

Another view of the backyard.  FYI That’s not white clouds – it is smoke that’s creating its own weather system. At one point it looked like a ‘mushroom cloud”

After one of the coolest August’s on record, August didn’t leave without reminding us that there is still a bit of summer left.   A boy did she remind us, temperatures jumped back up to into the triple digits. Temperatures for the last few days have been hoovering around 105-110 F add the heat with a smoke and fire to the mix and you got yourself some very unpleasant conditions.

With such unhealthy conditions it’s hard to do any heavy outdoor physical work however there’s veggies to harvest and fall sowings to get into the ground. So some mild work continues.

Like I said ripe fruits and veggies waits for no one so kitchen duty calls.  Yesterday made a big batch of lemon verbena wine, fig preserves, grapefruit marmalade and brewing another batch of kombucha (flavored with lemon verbena syrup)

Tomatoes, peppers and more await to be preserved.  Photos and more to follow.

We Got Mail

We got another handwritten letter in the mail last week.   Thank you very much for that.    We’ll be getting back to those of you who wrote to us the old fashion way just as soon as we are able.

One of those letters accompanied a package that contained a few special items that we’ll dedicate an entire post to so stay tuned.

Fire Update

The fire continues to burn (now over 100,000) acres.  Air quality is terrible and boy is it HOT!  This morning there is ash everywhere….

Biggest Fire in County History Since 1897


  1. Julie says:

    Getting a little too close. Hope and continue prayer that it doesn’t come any closer.

    Your garden looks a lot better than mine. Here in Ky. mine is dying down. Next year I plan on doing what you did – do some planting in rotation. Haven’t done that before and wonder how far apart (weeks wise) do you re-plant?

  2. katecontinued says:

    Anais, do you all pack ‘go’ bags in the event of evacuation? I am curious about this as I live down the road and remember several years ago when we were all prepared to move out if the fires got closer. I had a cd filled with virtual photo albums, a clutch of important papers and some clothes. Well, you know what I mean. Take care my friends and neighbors, you mean a great deal to so many.

  3. Jaspenelle says:

    Your garden looks gorgeous! I just have several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, some pumpkins, ground cherries and basil left in mine. In my winter garden I have carrots, turnips, radishes, kale, spinach and lettuce. All are still just sprouts though.

    That fire is amazing, I feel blessed that our fire season in eastern Washington has not been worse since it has been so hot and dry. Fire is a renewing force (when set by nature at least) but still a little frightening when it seems to be on your back doorstep.

  4. frugalgirl says:

    Just found your site. You guys are so inspiring.

  5. thyhandhathprovided says:

    Wow. I have been thinking about you all and these fires….

    Your garden looks lovely. Ours is slowing down, but here are some photos with captions detailing what we still have growing…


    Keep safe- you’re in my thoughts!

  6. John says:

    In the first photo, what is growing on the perimeter of the tomatoes? Is it lettuce? Basil? I like how you’re getting the most out of that space!

  7. Margie says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this website and all that you share. I keep checking daily, sometimes more often, as I worry about the fires affecting you. Stay safe and know that many are sending good thoughts your way.

  8. LaVonne says:

    I hope you are all covering your noses–either with ‘real’ or makeshift masks. If making your own, silk is the best fabric for filtering air. Breathe through a double layer. [from an asthma-mom!]

  9. Vicki Atz says:

    Anais, I am very woried about you all. I hope and pray you and your furry babies stay safe. I also hope you have a plan should you have to temporarily leave. Praying for the safety of the kitties and goats and bunnies , chickens ,ducks and all ! Love, Vicki…pack up the furries and head to Houston ! Doors are open !

  10. Marcia Coppess says:

    Did I just read that correctly? Lemon verbena wine???? Must. Have. Recipe!
    It’s my favorite scent in the garden. I’ve used it for soap, shampoo, cleaning things, tea, and just to clear my head. But wine? Gotta know how! Will you share?

  11. lucky smith says:

    wow, you’ve got a jungle of a garden… 🙂 i always loved gardening, i love the feel of soil on my bare hands. it is a very humbling and satisfying task. by the way, i love your garden.

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