Dawn (of “Dixie & Dawn” pair of Khaki Campbell ducklings who were our first forays into raising ducks back in 2003) has gone, well how can I put it, absolutely broody.

Dixie, her companion, quietly passed away (in Jordanne’s arms) right before we got four new ducklings in 2007 (all named after Louisa May Alcott Little Woman – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy)

Like I said, I don’t know what’s gotten into Dawn but she’s gone broody all a sudden which is quite unusual for her breed. Don’t know if it has something to do with her old age but she crazily possessive of her nest and get’s all excited and quacky when I come around.  Normally Khaki Campbells are relatively quite (expect when you have a huge handful of greens!)  So why now the ruckus with her?   Well, her hormones seemed to have  gone bonkers and she views people (me) as a dominant counterpart (aka male ducky) and she goes into hilarious conniptions trying to get my attention.  Oh, she gets my attention alright.  I try to talk back in a such an understanding way she then sort of calms down and is content to know I that I understand …. or think I do!

And in case you are wondering what ever happened to Mr Duck, who we got from friend of ours in South Pas, he’s happy on a farm in Riverside with loads of animals and a few new sweeties.  Though somewhat shy and very protective of his gals,  it seemed he’s affection was getting a little much for our ladies (especially Dawn who is getting on in age).  Not that he was mean or anything it was just too much ruckus going on – or as Jordanne likes to say “too much play by play commentary by the onlookers”

Weird Weather Report

It rained yesterday or at least the ground got wet.  Drops weren’t the only thing falling from the sky — booming thunder and lightning (very rare for So Cal) went on for hours. Very unusual weather for June!


  1. Marné says:

    My female China White goose does the same thing with me! Whenever I’m working outside she waddles on over, and chats away and tries to nibble my shoes and hands. She’s been without male companionship since last Spring when something carried away her very loud, angry boyfriend and we decided we’d had enough with male geese and didn’t replace him.

    I hope Dawn gets over her broodiness quickly! I know some of my chickens can be stubborn when that broodiness sets in.

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