Now that the summer harvest is coming in, it’s time to put up!

On the preservation front this week: pickling beets, apple pie filling, apple butter, elderberry jam, peaches in syrup, zucchini pickles and pumpkin butter (going to use those gorgeous pumpkins!).  Next preservation round should be tomato sauce and pickled peppers.

We love to listen to all sorts of music (folk, country, Celtic, etc) while canning.  Well, not all the time, sometimes we like the “sounds of silence.”  Hearing the birds sing outside, the water trickle into the aquaponics pond, bubbling of the boiling water, pleasant popping of the jars sealing, or the rhythmic chopping sounds of the knife.   While other days we need to get rocking in the kitchen and belt out some good hard tunes.  Of course we are the kind to sing along and you may even catch us dancing too.

So we are curious, what’s your favorite tunes that you gets you in the canning mood.  Care to share your “Canning Soundtrack”


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