After two days of teasing us with spring-like weather, the rains are back once again. The rain showers started yesterday (Tues) and more rain is expected Thurs and Friday.  This means we are slowly closing in on the all time rainfall record and experiencing an historic weather year – amazing! Has this phenomenon anything to do with global warming or is it a natural cycle? 

Pasadena is offering their “Free Shade Tree” Program again this year (up to $60 refund!). On their list of shade tree candidates are a few fruit trees (avocado, peach and citrus)   Last year we purchased two avocados and this year we’ll be getting some peaches (ordered some low chill “pride” varieties from a local nursery).  Speaking of peaches, the canned peaches were such a treat to have during the winter months, I look forward to putting up canned delights again this year.