The garden is growing considerably well – for such an odd winter we’ve been having.  I’ll post picture of the garden soon.

In the kitchen, though slightly dwindling, the shelves are still stocked with homegrown goods that were preserved during the summer.  We even have a box of meyer lemons that a friend of ours brought over.  I love meyer lemons!  With these tangy treats we’ve been relishing lemon broccoli pasta dish.

Last week, we also made a batch of what Justin likes to call 007 soup.  It’s a soup that has a bit of everything and sometimes can last a few or more meals.

I see now that one of our readers has been inspired to make her own version of tje 007 soup.  I know many folks have asked for a recipe, it’s hard since the soup varies with the season and uses a bit of everything that we have on hand.  Actually,  I do a lot of cooking by sight and taste – not really measuring,  It’s a good a filling soup and if you make a lot of it you’ll have it for quite a few meals.


Breakfast – homemade pancakes made with homeraised eggs
Dinner -homemade tortillas, spanish rice (homegrown tomatoes, peppers, green onions) with organic black beans and cheese


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – leftovers from Saturday dinner
Dinner – potluck


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – homegrown tomato soup topped with homegrown green onions and raw cheese
Dinner – leftover soup


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Dinner – homegrown broccoli with organic potatoes
Lunch – local lemon homegrown broccoli pasta with homegrown salad


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – 007 soup – homegrown broccoli, tomatoes, green onions, kale, peas, squash
Dinner – leftover soup with homemade biscuits


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – homemade organic black bean lasgna with homegrown peppers, tomatoes, green onions and homegrown salad
Dinner -homegrown salad greens, homemade herb pizza crust topped with homegrown tomatoes and canned marinated homegrown peppers


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – leftover black bean lasagna with homegrown salad
Dinner – homemade acorn flour biscuits, homegrown, preserved tomato sauce with organic whole wheat pasta


  1. cindy says:

    What a beautiful pantry. I hope now that I’m at a place that I can grow my own food I can have a well stock pantry like yours.

  2. jen says:

    I can’t access your gallery anymore. I just get an error page. Any idea why?

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    Your PHP settings have been disabled by an H-Sphere administrator.

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    Please check file and directory permissions and .htaccess configuration if you are able to do this. Otherwise, request your webmaster to grant you access.

  3. Lily says:

    I have a question for you, or rather several related questions. Since you are vegetarians how do you handle your birds insofar as getting new birds when necessary and keeping (or not) birds that have stopped laying? Do you purchase/acquire them already sexed? If not what do you do with the roosters? When they stop laying do you keep them until the pass away naturally or do you “cull” them from the flock? Also, once you breed the goats are you going to keep the kids? Either way what do you plan to do if you get a billy? Thank you, you are a wealth of knowledge!

  4. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the nod, Anais. That was sweet of you to mention our humble little pot of soup.

    I actually have many of the same questions as Lily. I’m watching our chicky-bits get bigger and I can’t imagine eating them or giving them to someone to butcher when they stop laying. They’re all so interesting and have such personalities! LOL I never imagined I’d say that about a chicken. Our girls are our pets…they come to the back door every night around 5 and start pecking at the glass to get snacks. Spoiled chickens. But anywho, what do you do with your spent girls???

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