I didn’t have a chance to post what we urban homesteaders ate last week before hauled off to Nevada City.

Last week we feasted on green tomatoes and I couldn’t resist and went to the “dark side” and made some absolutely delicious apple fritters with the leftover apple pomace from the cider pressing event.   By the dark side I am referring to, ahem, fried foods.   But, hey, it’s homemade fried foods and one can splurge once and awhile.    Actually I was pleasantly surprised how good the apple fritters turned out – my Belgian and French grandmothers would be proud – and filling they were.  By the second one, I was wondering if I should polish off a third.  Ah ,but alas, I did.  Didn’t need any persuasion,I assure you.

We also enjoyed a very special heirloom squash given to us by a local Freedom Gardener which has been planted in his garden every year in memory of a dear friend.   Farmer D and Justin have saved it’.s seed and probably plant it in our garden this year.

I still have my stash of acorn flour thanks to another Freedom Gardener, I have been enjoying using it in all sorts of baked goods.  Last week, I put a little bit in the apple muffins made with guess what?  Yep, you guessed it.  The leftover apple pomace from last month’s community event.

Like to thank David, a local gardener, who just brought us a HUGE bag of grapefruit this week.  With the extremely, extremely dry weather seems we are suffering a bit from dehydration.  Can you believe it? No matter how much water we drink it’s like your skin, eyes, throat, lips, nose are sooo dry.  So these citrus delights are a welcome remedy to soothe dry throats and parched lips.   If that doesn’t work. I may just have to soak in a vat of oatmeal.

Thank you all who left comments about what they would like to see here at LHITC.  Many had exactly the same list as I.   Good to know we are on the same page.

Also I would like to send an online “shout out” to Julia M who told me that the LHITC journal is just as important to her in the morning as her cuppa.   So when there are days I dare wonder if I can spare the time to post I’ll think of you, your morning fix, and our many loyal readers out there who make the LHITC part of your morning routine.

So without further ado– what we ate last week…


Breakfast – homemade apple fritters
Dinner -homemade tortillas with homemade Spanish rice (homegrown tomatoes and HG frozen peppers) topped with organic black beans and cheese


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – leftovers from Saturday dinner
Dinner – homegrown green tomatoes with pasta and parmesean cheese


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – homemade homegrown herb California organic rice patties with homegrown salad
Dinner – homegrown salad with mac & cheese


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Dinner – locally grown baked winter squash with warmed local leftover apple pomace with homegrown salad
Lunch – same as dinner


Breakfast – homemade stove top granola made with homegrown honey
Lunch – homegrown salad with mac & cheese
Dinner – homemade herb pizza crust topped with homegrown tomatoes, canned homegrown peppers, green onions and homegrown salad


Breakfast – out
Lunch – out
Dinner -Homegrown salad greens, homemade acorn biscuits, homemade tomato sauce (HG tomatoes, peppers, green onions, herbs) with organic whole wheat pasta topped with organic Parmesan cheese


Traveled to Nevada City…


  1. Cynthia (Geogal17) says:

    oooo, please share the apple fritter recipe! those look divine!

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m hooked on eating the skillet granola. 🙂 Thank you so much for passing on the recipe. One of the things I like about it is how basic it is and I’m able to modify it with whatever I have one hand as far as the fruit and sesame seeds. I used a commercial 10 grain hot cereal (that I wasn’t a huge fan of) instead of the sesame seeds. It toasted wonderfully. Dried apples, pineapple or trail mix are so good to add also.

    If you have more of the apple pomace left, my family LOVES home made apple butter I make in the crockpot. And oh, does the house smell yummy all day. 🙂

    Now, I’ve gotten myself a tad hungry, lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Janice says:

    Everything looks delectable! Sorry about the vote, I was trying to hit the 5 star but accidentally hit the 3 star, and lowered the score. Oops!

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