whoops sorry for the blurry picture, musta been in a hurry

Summer still lingers on here at the urban homestead with peppers, beans and tomatoes still growing on.

The wondrous salad greens are back on the menu and we can’t eat enough of the delectable greens.  Give me a bowl of salad and some homemade bread and I would be satisfied.  Hmmm, doesn’t take much to please me.  Ah, the simple things in life.  No  store bought flowers, diamonds, new shoes – just a bowl of homegrown salad greens please.

One of our clients who, like us, was without salad for a weeks and weeks while we battled harlequin bugs and the roller coaster weather called me this morning and said that she and her husband “almost cried” with joy when the sat down and ate our mixed salad greens over the weekend.  I don’t know what it is about our greens but they are something.  Can really put a finger on it.  Could it be the EM, rock dust, or just 20 years of growing soil that reflects in the taste of our greens?

I didn’t do much in the way of meal photos this week, sorry!   But you still can get an idea that our garden’s still supplying us with homegrown bounty.

On Friday I made some biscuits with some acorn flour a local Freedom Gardener gave us.  They were absolutely THE BEST biscuits (more on the acorn flour late)


Breakfast – homemade pomegranate pancakes (made with HG eggs) and homegrown honey
Dinner – homemade tortillas with homemade spanish rice ( HG peppers, tomatoes) topped with HG sauteed peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and organic cheese


Breakfast – organic oatmeal and homegrown preserves
Lunch –  leftovers from Saturday’s dinner
Dinner – leftovers from Saturday’s dinner


Breakfast – organic oatmeal and homegrown preserves
Lunch – HG green beans and HG salad greens
Dinner – HG tomato sandwich with HG salad greens


Breakfast – organic oatmeal and homegrown preserves
Dinner – HG pumpkin soup with homemade organic corn bread
Lunch – same as lunch


Breakfast – homemade biscuits with HG, homemade preserves
Lunch – homemade veg patty (HG squash, peppers) with HG beans
Dinner – leftover veg patty sandwich with HG salad greens


Breakfast – organic oatmeal and homegrown preserves
Lunch – HG steamed zucchini and HG summer veggie pasta
Dinner -homemade pizza topped with HG peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and cheese with HG salad greens


Breakfast – organic oatmeal and homegrown preserves
Lunch – HG salad greens and HG lima beans
Dinner – HG salad greens, homemade biscuits made with local acorn flour (YUM!), homemade tomato sauce (HG tomatoes, peppers, green onions, herbs) with organic whole wheat pasta topped with organic Parmesan cheese

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