The beautiful Colorado Bridge spans the Lower Arroyo Seco

Another shot of the world famous graceful sweep of the Colorado Bridge – it’s a beautiful bridge!

Blackberry hops up on the concrete divider under the Colorado Bridge (134 freeway bridge in background)

The goats love climbing up stairs – this is fun!

Another shot ‘under the bridge’

Jordanne looks at some of the work being done to clean up the stream (there’s a restoration project going on!) … After an hour’s walk, the goats head up the hill and home!

Every week, we take our goaties on a walk in the Lower Arroyo Seco under the beautiful Colorado Bridge. For both humans and goats the walk is a relaxing treat.

Of course on such nature walks, we are always on the look out for wild edibles. This week noticed that the elderberries are almost ripe, there are loads of wild gooseberries and the wild plums are loaded with tiny green fruits.

One of the questions we’ve been asked is “do we have trouble with dogs.” Well, it really does depend on the dog’s owners. Our goaties till three months old grew up with dogs so they are fine around well behaved dogs.

We walk our goats just like dogs and when other dogs approach we leash up the goats and stand to the side and wait for the dog walkers to pass. If they, too, are considerate and leash their dog(s) then we don’t have a problem. But if they are irresponsible owners who don’t leash, we do have a to be a little wary. For such occassions I do carry a walking stick – haven’t had to use it …. yet.

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  1. DAL357 says:

    “For such occassions I do carry a walking stick – haven’t had to use it …. yet.”

    A canister of pepper spray, too, might not be a bad idea. Sometimes dog owners are surprised to see an aggressive trait never previously seen come to the fore in Fido.

    Thanks for the site. It’s informative, wonderful, and one of my must-read stops on the ‘Net.

  2. RG PetComm says:

    I think we should share with all pets. The more walkers on the road the better. Walkers and dogs/goats are the most reliable and inexpensive security resource in society. With their daily presence in our parks and on our nature trails, they are the eyes and ears of the community, frequently the first to discover crime and consistently a deterrent to it. We should be encouraging the presence of dog walkers and their dogs rather than implementing public policies that restrict and prohibit them.

    ” If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise.” !!!

  3. weekendfarmer says:

    How are you all doing? I meant to ask you on how you take care of the goats health needs? We just got our flock of sheep and I am bit overwhlemed with foot-rot, antibiotics, pennicillin worries. I would not rather go so invasive with worming etc..but it seems neccessary.

    What do you do for worming, foot trimming, vaccines, antibiotics etc?

    Take care –

  4. kpaxson says:

    Your walk must take hours. My goats are in their own time zone…actually…on their own planet. But, then again, they are goats.

    Do you have pygmy goats for milk? How early do you give/sell the kids?

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