It’s Raining, It’s Pouring and the Ol’ Urban Homesteaders are Snoring Thrilled!

The storm came in late last night and rain gauge measured this morning at 1″ Everyone and animals were snug as a bug here on the urban homestead! The garden’s loving the blessed rain.      

::FACT:: LA hasn’t gotten more than an inch of rain in any single month since April 2006 {Courtesy LA TIMES}

Once the rain clouds leave, it’s going to bring some cold nights.   Plans are already underway to protect the garden.

Answers from the Urban Homestead

Q Who are all the people on the porch in the early years photos? Do you have other brothers and sisters that don’t live on the homestead? – connie

A. Glad you enjoyed our “flash from the past”.   You’d think we’d get used to seeing those old photos, but every time we see them we are just like “no way!” The urban homestead went through it’s version of “Extreme Makeover” but at a much slower and more organic pace.   

Funny, thing though, we have to really thank my Grandmother for those old photos of the place. When we moved out here, she sent us kiddos a camera for a present. I guess it was her way of keeping in touch with us having us take photos to send them to her.   When we’d break from our homeschool lessons we kiddos would walk around the yard and snap photos.    I look back seeing those photos and wonder “why the heck did we take that for?” I mean really, why would any kid take a picture down a concrete driveway? Well, thanks to our trigger happy little fingers, we are able to show the before photos!

OK, re your question “who are all those people?” Most of the folks are another family, who were friends visiting us. They look like relatives, don’t they?  😉

HOMEGROWN DIET- Early Winter Edition

Growing food closer to home

What’s new on the menu? Homemade, homegrown elderberry wine, finally ready to enjoy!   Crunchy and delicious daikon radishes.    Tomatoes, are surprisingly still growing strong loaded with green and red ripening fruit.   What ever we did this year worked to be enjoying tomatoes still in December. Such a treat.


B – homemade homegrown pomegranate waffles (made with homeraised eggs) with homegrown pomegranate syrup

D – homemade w.w. organic tortillas, homemade spanish (organic CA) rice (homegrown tomatoes, homegrown frozen peppers, homegrown frozen green onions) with organic black beans topped with cheese, homegrown tomatoes and homegrown cilantro


B – homemade granola

L – leftovers from Sat dinner

D – w.w. organic pasta with raw chopped homegrown vegetables — daikon radish, broccoli, snow peas, with homemade sauce — homemade marmalade (made with homegrown oranges) and organic peanut butter Holiday Kitchen, ornaments urban homestead style


B – homemade granola

L – homegrown vegetable soup — hg eggplant, daikon radish, tromboncino squash, broccoli, celery and herbs

D – same hg veg soup with local sprouted bread with slice of homegrown tomato


B – homemade granola

L – same hg veg soup from Monday

D – w.w. pasta with raw chopped homegrown vegetables — tromboncino squash, daikon radish, broccoli, snow peas, and roasted hg eggplant with homemade sauce
— (-homemade marmalade (made with HG oranges) and peanut butter


B – homemade granola

L – cream homegrown green soup (assorted homegrown greens, onions and herbs)
with organic potatoes

D – same cream hg green soup


B – homemade granola

L – baked homegrown tromboncino squash with homegrown salad with homegrown

D – pizza topped with homegrown tomatoes, roasted homegrown eggplant, homegrown
onions, homegrown pea shoots and homegrown red fernleaf mustard greens with
homegrown salad


B – homemade granola

L – baked homegrown tromboncino squash with homegrown salad with homegrown

D – homemade herb bread, w.w. organic pasta, homemade tomato sauce (fresh homegrown tomatoes, hg basil, hg green onions, hg frozen peppers) with homegrown salad with homemade, homegrown elderberry wine

No Blood Oranges

No thanks to the brutal freeze we experienced in January, the citrus on the urban homestead suffered. This winter instead of devouring  an abundance of juicy red treats these orange jewels are strikingly absent hanging from the trees. Gonna miss them this year, but let’s hope/pray for a better year.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: ES $25, JG $25, SLB $100, LE $10, OM $20donation towards growing PTF’s future. Thank you all! Our family wishes you happy holiday season.    Many bountiful blessings to you all.  

Also, thank you for everyone’s comments. We really appreciate the feedback especially those who thought the $1.00 a month donation suggestion was a good one. You’re right, that’s something we should look into or often remind our readers and perhaps implement some sort of subscription option for supporters.  

We also received an email from **** ****** * *** last month and one from **** ** ******* just the other day.   We all  feel 2008 is growing to be a exciting year – God willing.  

Just goes to show your generous donations at work!   It’s definitely a win win situation. You kindly give and we’re able to give back.  So thank you all.

Count Down to ’08

Stay tuned for an upcoming post ‘The Best of 2007’ photos from the urban homestead where we’ll have our reader’s pick the best photo for 2007. And as we do every year a ‘Year In Review’ highlighting sustainable achievements made here on the urban homestead in 2007.

That and more journal posts coming your way…. see you all Sunday (whoops, have to work at our local English Tea Shop who is also one of our clients for edible flowers, heirloom tomatoes, herbs and salad mix)  So Monday it is.

I leave you with a photo of Jordanne & me taken a few Decembers back. Here we are all dressed up in our nippy tea serving outfit with the tea shop owners and their friends.

And, in the meantime, I’ll be out in my “wellies” enjoying the soft, squishy, sucking sounds while walking through the garden this morning.

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  1. Aljaz says:

    This is the path we are all looking for. This is the path, that grow inside of me in all those years. I started questioning the human kind system.
    We have to follow the natural system.
    You gave me courage and confirmation to start walking natural way. First thing is changing my food list! 🙂 And stop putting my food in fire to kill it. No, no!

    Here is another youngster who is walkin a lonely path!
    See ya and i hope we get to know each other!

    I found this journal today so i have something to read.

  2. LaVonne says:

    Yep, it’s been raining here in San Diego too — amazing! I hope you’ve got your water hogs all set up. I tried catching some with a tub on my balcony but only got about an inch or so. Wish I had a gutter.

    Question about your vegetarian diet. Looking at the pictures and menus, it doesn’t feel like enough to produce the energy four hard-working adults need. Obviously, it does. Can you talk about the quantities consumed? We meat eaters are so used to thinking that veggies just don’t do the job. Also, do the men in the family need more than the women? Just curious.

    Btw, I just came across a fascinating article about a way to multiply crop yields while sequestering carbon in the soil. Of course I thought of you right away:


    Black Magic

    “Can a lost civilization teach us to double crop yields and produce carbon-negative energy at the same time?”

    Looks like something you could do in your backyard.

  3. LaVonne says:

    Oh, and one more question — if you’ll pardon the prying: with four single and highly attractive adults in your household, how’s your social life? Do you have trouble finding like-minded people of the opposite sex? Do you even have the time and energy to date?

  4. Aljaz says:

    LaVonne, i’ve been looking for perfect diet and i found it. It will sound very odd, but what a heck.
    Human body is desing to digest only live food material. Everything that is not killed and put into fire is alive. Fresh veggie food, fresh fruit etc.
    So when people start to eat vegeterian they are still not getting enough nutrients with veggie food beacause it’s killed with cooking.
    If you want to learn more;

    there are a lot of sites with this kind of infos. just look for “raw food”.