Website design

Q. Your web site is beautiful, graphic design is great. Can you tell me who does your design/web work?
Thanks. Mark

Q. Wow! I just learned about your web site and I’m blown away. I must take time to read every page but in the meantime… Who designed your web site? It is one of the best I’ve seen, IMHO, and I’d like to know more.
Thanks. Reading your words and seeing what you’re doing is like taking a deep breath of fresh, pure intelligence!
Best regards, Steve

A. We had the opportunity and time to self-teach ourselves, and all web site work/design/graphics are done “in house” by family members. Otherwise we couldn’t afford to pay for the web design services or maintenance and upkeep of such a site.

Thanks again for your compliment because it makes our hard work (and frustrations) worthwhile to know that they are appreciated.

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