Subject: We See You in Mother Earth News

Every time I look at your photos in the Feb/Mar issue of Mother Earth News, I say “wow!” The photo of the praying mantis on a fingertip is especially awe-inspiring.

What a coincidence to learn about you just after I’ve moved away from Pasadena. I lived in South Pasadena for 20+ years and I wish I had known about Path To Freedom then. As it is, I’ve learned about you when the publisher of Mother Earth News gave me a copy of the magazine when I visited him in Topeka, Kansas — where I now live.

Coincidences aside, I am just blown away by that little praying mantis. Great to hear about your mission at Path To Freedom. Good luck and stay at it.

Best regards,

Thanks for the positive email, Elizabeth. We appreciate hearing from you.

I, too, utter “WOW” every time I see the photo! My sister, Jordanne, took this particular photo of the baby praying mantis on Farmer D’s finger. It truly is a pretty amazing shot and I just can’t help staring back at the little guy completely memorized by its gaze.


  1. Ginny says:

    Nifty picture! Just checking in to let you know I am keeping up with you and you are doing a wonderful job!

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Ginny

    Thanks for the comment. So nice of you to “drop by and say hi!”

    I promise to get to your salad growing question soon. Sorry it has been taking so long!

    Wishing you a bountiful and blessed Spring!

  3. Nancy Kelly says:

    Oh boy, I had no idea you were in Mother Earth News, I can’t wait to buy it!!

    I love praying mantises too, I can’t wait till the babies hatch out this spring. I THINK I know what the egg cases look like and I am monitoring one carefully.

    They just looks so extremely intelligent.

    Every once in a while my cats will catch one (they never seem to hurt them) and I rush to the rescue….

    Happy spring!


  4. Anais says:

    Greetings Nancy

    These creatures are amazing – especially when a couple thousand hatch out of the tiny egg sack. Amazing!

    Happy spring to you!

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