Not sure if we can eat Ms Lucie or Ms Estella here but this article goes to show how important it is to change and expand our eating habits.  The raising of heritage animals are on the rise.

Farm biodiversity is disappearing. If we would just eat endangered crops and livestock now, restoring their role in the food supply, we could save them from extinction.

Americans once grew and ate 15,000 varieties of apple, each different in name, taste and texture. What’s left today are about 10 percent of those varieties, the rest consigned to a fate people seldom associate with food.

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  1. Susan says:

    Like yours, mine are pets. I couldn’t possibly eat them unless I was in danger of starving otherwise, or if I happened to actually SEE one of them kick the bucket and only needed to finish the prep job. But, they were purchased as layers and we intend to keep them around for their whole lives.

    DH and I have discussed getting broilers and doing our own; those if they had names at all would A La King, L’Orange, Fried, and so on…it’ll remind us daily that they’re NOT PETS.

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