In times of trouble, a goat brings comfort & words of wisdom

Spring is just around the corner and we to go about our chores here on the urban homestead.

This morning after a long day and bad (fitful) night, Jordanne, feeling very low and crying over the stress and strain of the last 24 hours, was sitting on the back porch watching Fairlight & Blackberry.

Fairlight had found a piece of newspaper; before the goat had a chance to digest the  news, these words leaped out to Jordanne from this chewed up piece of paper which said:

“…the issue isn’t whether people have a right to believe dangerously idiotic things. Of course they do; there’s no way to stop them. The issue is whether people have the right to act on their bizarre fantasies..”

Unfortunately, this situation has gotten completely out of hand. It’s been falsely reported that we are shutting down and suing blogs, schools, libraries – this is not true.!  We will not  [nor it is our intention to] squelch the use of Urban Homestead or Urban Homesteading nor will we go about hindering this movement by those who are living the lifestyle.

We are Urban Homesteaders and appreciate those who are lending their actions and words of support. We are extremely grateful and we encourage others to spread this lifestyle with pride.

Please stay tuned for an official press release.