Two blessings in one month!

In October, not only did we get an unprecedented early rain storm (over 2 inches!) but we also got our water bill from the city and guess what?  We qualified for their water relief meaning we won’t have to be pushed into a bracket that would have us paying more for our water use.  Whoot!

So how did that happen?  We can’t take credit for the rain storm but in our last water bill at the beginning of summer the city projected that with the water rate increase our bill would be $600 for two if the hottest months (August & September)   Giant jumping grasshoppers!

$600 is like what we pay for water for the ENTIRE year (even with all the intensive growing that’s going on).  Yes, you read right the entire year.  Lucky for us they had a paper attached to the water bill to apply for water relief.  So we filled it out detailing our water conservation and usage efforts.

Last month we received our water bill and notification that we qualified for the water relief program.  Sweet!  Our bill was back to normal ~$150 for two of the hottest months of our year ’round growing season. 

July – September are when we usually use the most water, now with cooler weather our water bill starts to go down for the next 8 months. 

Thank you City of Pasadena who value not punish their residence who are using water to not water lawns but grow their own food.


  1. Ben Guygoesgreen says:

    6,000 lbs on a 1/5 of an acre? I am only a beginner gardener, but that seems like an insane amount of food for that space. Good for you and I will continue to follow!

    My question though… do you use methods of collecting rain water for use in your gardens?

  2. Brett Hess says:

    I just saw your story on Generation TV! Fantastic guys- love what you are doing, I have a very small home garden -first year! My success was fair, but I am determined to keep at it. The other reason I wanted to write you was to tell you about a solution for Gray Water and dirty water in general. I would love to form a relationship with you guys- however it may fit. Please check these solutions out here http://www.LifesaverUSA.com.

    Also, I believe the video’s we made in Haiti with this system says it all!
    Enjoy http://www.LifesaverRelief.org

    Brett Hess (fmr. USN SEAL)
    Founder Lifesaver USA

  3. warner m.held says:

    This is my first time to this site! so I don’t know how much water you use ,but the
    “water relief ” is a good idea which I am going to the next water company meeting &suggest that .My water usage in the winter mths.is less than 1000 gal.& I haul water in gal. jugs for the dogs from the shower to get hot water to head!Basically I go the extra mile to conserve & no reward!I’VE talked w/them about it & they said they were working on a subsidy program but it was down the road several mths.!What I will suggest is to increase the WASTERS RATE &reduce the conservators rate!
    Do not know but I will try!MAYBE

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