Jordanne hugging a hog, relaxing in hog heaven – dad wanted her to ham it up!

HOG Wild

No, not of the animal kind (though I am sure ms farmgirl, Jordanne, would have like that kind) – but water. Water hogs that is – straight from the land down under arrive in California.

After months of anticipating and waiting, we are in “hog heaven,” as owners of 3 rainwater hogs. A good start, but we are definitely planning on getting more as soon as we can. In the meantime, we’ve been thinking of all the tight spaces these hogs could go — in the crawl space in our cellar or along the house.   I’ll be posting more about our rainwater project as we get further along, but, first, we have a few unfinished projects to complete (new backyard chicken/duck coop, goat house) and fall plantings.

Last week, Sally wrote from the West Coast Green Conference

“We have been telling everybody about the impressive setup at Path to Freedom – we had a terrific time with you and the Dervaes family and the garden has inspired me to rethink my own.Please pass on our thanks to Jules for his excellent hospitality, and we look forward to seeing a photo of the HOGs in the garden!”
– Sally Dominguez (designer of Water HOG)

Urban rainwater storage system

Turn any urban space (deck, patio, cellar, fence line) into a rainwater harvest system. This revolutionary design will make rainwater saving easy for any city dweller.

Would you like some hogs of your own?

We’ll be keeping our readers up to date when these Rainwater HOGS will be available in the United States (we hope very soon!) If and when we hear anything from Sally & Simon we’ll let you know and when that time comes these rain hogs will be featured on PTF’s online store.   I have a inkling these space saving rainwater catchment containers will be all the rage, especially in the growing urban green home/building innovations.
EASY to fit into tight spacesREMOVABLE modular screw fitCARRY it and early 50lb liftRETROFIT is easy, no foundations necessaryDRINK IT Potable grade plastic is 100% recyclableHOLDS 50 gallons of rainwater

In the meantime spread the word wide and far — the Water HOGS have arrived in Los Angeles or you can email us to be notified when they’ll be available ( dervaes(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com – Subject: Rainwater HOGS)

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  1. Glynis says:

    I want water hogs! Here in Atlanta they are now thinking of RATIONING our water, and just last week a total water ban (except for food gardens, but I mainly water from rain barrels anyway). We need Rain Hogs at our church garden too.

    I can’t wait until you have some for sale!