A major tv media outlet is looking to:

” profile someone who is in the LA area (from San Diego to Santa Barbara) that is in process of transforming his/her life as a combined result of the economic conditions and who is taking the Dervaes’ message as the inspiration for that transformation.  The more radical the shift the better.

Eg. The investment banker who is becoming an urban farmer would be an ideal candidate.

Of course I realize that something like that would be a real long shot…but you get the idea.  Someone who is making a gradual shift from one life style to another will work, as long as the long range vision is to end up somewhere very different from where they are today…and the shift is very visibly underway.”

Is this you, or know someone who is?

Contact us at info@urbanhomestead.org


  1. Devin says:

    Too bad it has to be in CA. We would love to help someone out and get some news out on what we are doing to help inspire others.

  2. Michelle Hogan says:

    It’s totally us – except we live in Wisconsin! Oh well…love your website; adore your videos and working hard on our own urban homestead! Thanks for your inspiration.

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