Brac Greywater System : An innovative and affordable grey water filtration system from Canada.

Path to Freedom Introduces BRAC GREYWATER SYSTEMS to Southern California

A grey water management system, The Brac system was developed to reduce domestic water use by reusing discharged bath and shower water to flush toilets or irrigate lawns and gardens. This will result in water savings of more than 30 % for the average family.Drinking water is not an unlimited resource.

Although more than 70% of the surface of our planet consists of water, 97% of this is salt water. About 2% is glacial ice, and only 1% is fresh water.Depending on your location, the drinking water supply could become stretched. Some areas have already implemented water use restrictions for certain times of the year to accommodate for impending shortages. According to a recent UNESCO study, by 2020 water shortage will become a serious global problem.Now is the time to become pro-active and to implement any method available and start conserving this precious commodity we call water. Nobody, however, would want to give up baths or showers. In fact about 65% of indoor home water use occurs in our bathrooms, divided about equally between toilet and shower/bath use. Outdoors, over 30% of water is used for lawn care, with higher usage in drier regions.The Brac System simply re-uses shower and bath water to flush the toilets, reducing overall water use by more than 30% in total. The reclaimed water can also be diverted to water the lawn or garden.

The Brac System is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Savings on your water bill will insure payback within several years.Less water use will allow for a natural population growth without burdening the supply line. Ultimately this approach towards conservation will also assure a steady water supply for your children and their offspring.In addition to possible water rationing, the cost of water is steadily increasing and some municipalities charge increasingly high sewage use taxes.The US rates as the biggest consumer of water, oil and gas.

We need to reduce our dependency on these natural resources. For water, however, there is no substitute apart from using desalinated seawater at a very high cost.Brac Systems offers a real solution today and gives us hope. We are excited to offer this eco-product.

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  1. M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) says:

    I’ve heard (via a Japanese blog) that some models of washing machines in Japan have a special button that enables you to fill the washing machine from bath water. Of course, there, you don’t clean yourself in the bath water but merely soak in it after you’ve washed. So the water is comparatively clean. Seems like a great idea.