Kitty & heater

We purchased another Perfection Oil Heater ($50) and received it the other day. Checking it over, we found a few dents here and there, but otherwise in good working condition. We immediately filled it with biodiesel (that was washed and dried) and waited for temperatures to drop.   Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long. This week’s overnight and morning temperatures were quite chilly (for us So Cal folks!).

I mixed a little bit of essentials oils into the biodiesel so the oil would have a pleasant aroma and not smell like burning cooking oil.  

Surprisingly, these little heaters took the chill out of the air in a matter of minutes! This winter we had wanted to buy a small wood stove to insert into our existing fireplace; but with the condition of the roof and not knowing the shape of the chimney, we were fortunate to have stumbled upon this alternative .

Of course,  one day we would like to replace them with a more renewable energy source (firewood); but, for now, these heaters work well enough for our mild winters and for a fraction of the price of a wood fireplace insert. Besides, we like the fact that we are using something vintage and not new and the ease of being able to move to any room. In addition, love the old-fashion look and feel, perfect for our 1917 house

Why the emphasis on washed and dried biodiesel? We found that by using unwashed/un-dried biodiesel the wick had a hard time burning. For some reason, washing and drying the biodiesel helped tremendously and the wick burned constantly and evenly for many hours -or until we had to turn it off because the room was warm enough.

Hand shears

We continue our killing spree here on the homestead! Another gizmo that has joined others in the ” kill-a-watt cemetery” is our electrical hair shears.   Our inspiration  to replace this gizmo with a non electrical, hand powered version came while we were watching an episode of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. One of the characters, Jake, was cutting a patron’s hair with a type of shears.    Low and behold, and thanks to Ebay, I found these same shears (made in Germany) for under ten bucks!

A few postings ago I mentioned that Justin has been using straight razor to shave for many years. For those of you who are interested in saving electricity or the useless waste of steel from disposal razors and are willing (brave?) to try this old-fashion way of shaving , there’s a great article from the 1972 Mother Earth News-How to Use a Straight Razor

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  1. nulinegvgv says:

    i’m curious about your source of these heaters. are you purchasing them locally or online?

    thanks as always for the example you’re setting.

    oh, one more question. B100 or are you adding anything other then the fragrance oils?

  2. Anais says:

    Thanks for the question.

    We purchased these heaters online from Ebay.

    We are using pure B100 and nothing else added except for a few drops of essential oils.


  3. Florence says:

    What a darling picture Kitten & Heater!!

  4. Walter Jeffries says:

    Ah, but that would implie I would have to trust the morning me to not do more than nick… :}

  5. Joshua Parkinson says:

    What a great find. It never even occured to me that they may have a hand powered version out there!

    As far as straight razor shaving, a little too adventurous for me right now! I’ll save that for further down the road. And my razor refill waste is pretty minimal right now (I use the replacable head type, and probably don’t even go through one every two months. Poor excuse, but I have other focuses to take care of first.)

  6. Anais says:

    Hi Joshua and Walter

    Thank you guys for the comment. If you ever become adventurous and decided to try your hand at straight shaving, we’d love to hear about it.


  7. JBB says:

    My memories of hand-powered hair clippers are from boarding school where the little boys used to line up under the loquat tree to take their turn getting their hair cut. They used to complain that the man giving them hair cuts was in such a hurry that he wouldn’t quite finish actually cutting through the hair before yanking!

  8. Anais says:

    Thanks JBB for sharing your story. 😉

  9. Jeff Schmidt says:

    Is there a brand name on the hand shears?

  10. Anais says:



    But if you type “antique hair clippers” on ebay you should find other models.