Here’s a sneak peek!

We are almost ready for re-launch of the spiffy new Little Homestead in the City “Blook” (aka blog book)

Jordanne could use a bit of encouragement as she’s on the homestretch and dealing with all the headaches that come with moving and coding.  A couple of pieces of chocolate helped her thru today but the crunch is on!

It will be good to get a fresh start – a new beginning as we head into our 11th year of sharing our journey online.


Urban Homesteaders Web Ring

Are you a blogger, urban homesteader, writing about your journey towards a simpler, sustainable and more self reliant life?

Since we are busy upgrading our blog, we figure, why not upgrade the Urban Homesteaders Web Ring image too!  We started this fellowship “Ring” a few years back and it’s grown to 115 members.

< So here’s the new one for ya’lls blog

1. To post this image on your blog, please remember to RIGHT CLICK and SAVE – please DO NOT COPY.

2. After posting this new image on your blog remember to link the image using this URL –http://www.ringsurf.com/ring/urbanhomesteader

Got a blog and not a member of the URBAN HOMESTEADERS WebRing?

Who Can Join?

For urbanites only who have merged off the freeway of modern life onto a more sustainable, simple & self reliant path. The community’s mission is to bring together city folks, new urban homesteaders who are taking steps to live a more self sufficient life in regards to their food, energy, water, waste, transportation, lifestyle and more.

Community Guidelines

Definition of “Urban”: less than or no more than 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre.

Urban Homesteading Lifestyle: Doing more with less, growing a sizeable % (at least 50 percent) own produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs), raising citified animals (at least chickens, rabbits), composting, vermicomposting producing own alternative energy, alternative heating, using alternative transportation, back to basics skills (food preservation, soapmaking, sewing, breadmaking, etc), simple living, power down, unplugged lifestyle, homegrown diet, operating a viable home based business, home-unschooling, energy and waters conservation practices, greywater and rainwater practices and more!

Being the change we wish to see by living the solution on a daily basis.

Sign up here to be a part of the Urban Homestead Ring


  1. ~~Melissa says:

    “Jordanne could use a bit of encouragement as she’s on the homestretch and dealing with all the headaches that come with moving and coding….”

    Jordanne’s work is outstanding. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the site was with the last big update so I’m really excited to see what’s next. As my dear old dad used to say, the mountain is always hardest to climb when you’re closest to the summit. But you know you’re so close.

    I’m curious who did the artwork of you four characters? It looks great.


  2. Hethir says:

    Wow! Jordanne, you do amazing work. I have created all of our websites, but they are no where as large or beautiful as the ones I have seen you create over the years. I look forward to the new design as well as more picks of blackberry 😉

  3. theherbalkitty says:

    Is there a blog for someone with 3/4 to 1 acre? LOL! I’m not quite self-sufficient yet but I’m definitely headed there. What a great online community you have created with all of your websites. I think Jordanne’s work is really awesome! Thank you for sharing all these years!

  4. Rose says:

    Jordanne, a big hi from Australia. You’ve no idea how much i appreciate your great work, thank you. I’d send you some home baked biscuits to help you along but I don’t think they’d be too fresh when you got them. 🙂 Cheers.

  5. Laura @ Getting There says:

    Oh my god, that new site is GORGEOUS! Honestly, it’s beautiful. I love how the “P” in Path actually looks like a path! So creative!

    Thank you for the new Urban Homesteaders badge–I just joined, member #115! Yay! I’ll have to figure out how to post that nifty image to my blog, as I am not gifted in technical matters. 🙂

  6. bushidoka says:

    Web ring? How 1995! 🙂

  7. Beany says:

    Jordanne you’re almost there. I’m already in awe of the outstanding work you do.

  8. Chris says:

    Jordanne, you go Girl !!! Ever read the children’s story, “The Little Engine That Could”? Keep on keepin’ on!

    A wise person of a certain age, years ago, once posed the question to me, “if you aren’t working for your family, your home and to be a blessing to others, then why are you here?” When I came across your website, it reminded me of this wonderful influence in my life (now deceased) and amidst the chaos of “life in America” today & the “ills of society”, the Dervaes family through your website brings hope and a blueprint for others to begin the real journey of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. Thank you for all that you do and your generosity in spirit.

    I’m so looking forward to the “Blook”? Coolio!!! and
    God Bless!

  9. adam mclane says:

    The site looks great. I don’t qualify for your blog ring, but we’re shooting for 25% of our food to be homegrown this year. (OK, we’re cheating and going to get their with the help of a CSA) My wife and I are shocked at all you can grow on a city plot. We’ve got a long way to go! Thanks for the inspiration.

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