Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

The Year of the Urban Homestead

My sis and I were talking about “the good ol’ days.”  And one thing she brought up that I had forgotten was how we were constantly asked, “What’s an urban homestead?”  Ah, those were the days!  Of course, we went through our spiel – it’s farming and living a low impact, self-reliant life in the city (think Laura Ingalls but stuck in an urban setting).    Many folks didn’t quite get it.  But now they do!

While going through the hundreds folders of photos I stumbled on this gem – one of our old urban homesteading displays (see photo above–think we made this one in 2003) that we went around with showing people how they can live a more sustainable life in the city by incorporating back to basics steps.

Small things do have a big impact!

State of the Urban Homestead Report

2009 shaped up to be a BIG year of growth for us – personally and in urban homesteading project reach.  Not to mention we passed the big one zero (yep, 10 years online – boy, howdy!).

Check out our rundown of highlights for 2009, especially our trips as urban homesteading ambassadors to Greece, Israel, Italy and India.

There’s been a slew of media highlights as urban homesteading becomes more and more accepted by the mainstream – Oprah, Mother Earth News, Sundance Channel, UK Telegraph, CBS Evening News, The Times of India and many other tv, radio and print publications.

Our Urban Homestead Book

I handled a call the other day about our urban homesteading project, and when I finished up after telling the person to go to our website, check out our online photo gallery that contains nearly 2,000 photos, visit and read our blog that has countless photos and thousands of entries, I realized what this site really is and what it offers.

This blog is our book!  Filled with stories and photos about our 25 year urban homesteading venture.  Imagine what it would cost to print a book with color photos such as these! I believe pictures are what really, truly inspire.  One picture is worth a thousand words!  Our urban homesteading photos are tangible proof that it can be – and is being – done.

This urban homesteading blog and photo gallery are free of charge and available worldwide for anyone’s viewing pleasure!  What better way to share with others than using this medium that’s both earth friendly and free?

Inch By Inch, Row by Row

Putting a candle on the cake for Freedom Seeds, which is celebrating its first birthday!  Thank you to those of you who value what we are trying to do here with this little seed company.

There has been a bit of muttering going on about how limited our 70 seed variety selection is.

Freedom Seeds is only one year old, and I’m sure that if you are a gardener you understand that everything starts off small – just like a seed.  After water care and nutrients, your plant matures and then you reap the fruits of your labor.   You can’t just skip over stages, it’s not nature’s way.

To be honest, this year we barely even covered the cost of the seeds.  To invest in more varieties, and as it is with any business, we need to have the capital to support the growth.  Simple.  So, if you would want to see more varieties then consider buying the varieties that we do offer.  Help this little seed company grow.

Feed the Soil

Which leads me another question we get a lot of these days, “Can you…?”

How about in this new year, we turn things around a bit.  Instead, consider pointing the finger back at yourself and asking, “What can I do?”

Whether it be a simple word of encouragement, understanding and patience or a link spreading the word or a purchase from our online stores, perhaps a Little Homestead in the City calendar or Freedom Gardens bumper sticker, Homegrown Revolution tee shirt or DVDvolunteer some of your time to help with the backlog of web work that’s piling up as we make improvements to our network of sites, or if you can tax-deductible donation so that we can secure our operating budget 2010 and every bit helps

We “can” only do so much.  If you grow things, one understands that if you take so much from the soil without replenishing it – you can ruin it.

Because the more we are asked to do, the more support we need from you.  The giving goes both ways.  Replenish and feed the soil and there will be, God willing, bumper results.

The Film That Seeded A Movement

Talking about Homegrown Revolution! that has inspired the modern urban homesteading movement worldwide.  Check out the YOUTUBE video that started it all (over 278,000 views!)

It’s truly been amazing to see this film spread like wildfire, inspiring thousands upon thousands of people.

Of course, with popularity comes problems.  People are beginning to see “green” in green.  If you get my drift.

So we now are going to have to take measures against this exploitation.   We’ll have to inform folks to respect this film, the DIY message that it preaches, and the fact that we have not personally profit from it (any proceeds go right back into the non-profit outreach). We must stipulate that the people honor the spirit in which the film was made, as well as the story it tells, and not use the film for commercial purposes, such as selling classes, seminars, landscaping or farming/gardening services.

Coming Up

We hope to bring you a better LHITC blog (sneak peek to your left).  Jordanne is working on it as we speak. It’ll be easier to navigate so that you can sift through the incredible wealth of information that lies within the “pages” this blog/book brings to you almost every day.

With the launch of the new blog, we are going to continue to hold to our principles – no “outside” ads or sponsorships. Instead, we are counting on our support coming from the generosity of readers like you in order to maintain this open source resource for another year, if not longer.

Thank You

Well, that about wraps up the yearly report.

We truly appreciate the encouraging notes and comments we receive, as well as the financial donations and support of our businesses. We also struggle with misunderstandings and demands that cannot be met given our limited resources. The strained economy has directly impacted the level of donations and all our businesses. I just wanted to share with you, candidly, things that we are facing as we work towards the future.

It’s not just about growing plants but people, too.


Looking for something to inspire you (and others) throughout 2010?

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The calendar is a wall calendar, and each month has a different picture. Some months have a group of pictures. The pictures are of nature and simple living topics and reflect the seasons of the year to a certain extent.

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