Breaking news, this just in:

Here’s the latest from the producer of Nightline when the Urban Homesteading piece will air:

“Probably Thursday or Friday — pending breaking news.”

This last year, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in the Urban Homestead movement. Urban homesteading is a growing trend among urbanites who are seeking self reliance by taking matters in their own hands – growing food, producing energy, raising animals, gaining back to basics skills.

It was seven years ago when my father first called his self-sufficient city project an “urban homestead.” Who would have known then how far this one small step would have taken us and how many (thousands/millions?) have been influenced along the way? Because of PTF’s tremendous outreach there is now a modern identity for people who have exited off the crowded freeway of life…. urban homesteaders.

Yes, there’s a movement afoot. What can you do in a world where positive news about a real solution is so scarce? You can join in the revolution by sending the word out now to as many as you can reach.

PTF is not a film, not a book, not a conference – it is a way of life. One that is a living protest against the corporate powers that be.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Let the revolution begin!

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  1. Jan says:

    I am tuning to watch!! The kids are excited to see the story also!

  2. Joy says:

    Hi Anais,

    Any chance you will have the Nightline peice posted on your website? I don’t subscribe to cable tv, but would really love to see it…

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