It’s been amazing to see transformation and shift towards the modern urban homestead movement on the internet. Urban homesteading is now a lifestyle choice – a journey towards urban self sufficiency.

Remember at the start of the year I said we’d be announcing some exciting ventures and projects we’ve been working on? Here’s a nifty little “Online Eco-mmunity” venture we created to unite fellow urban homesteaders.

Yep, that’s right! The urban homesteaders here at PTF have started a “Web Ring” for fellow urbanites and city dwellers who have merged off the freeway of modern life onto a more sustainable, self sufficient path.

Small Steps, Big Impact

:: Ring Requirements ::

Definition of “urban” less than or no more than 1/2 acre.

Urban Homesteading Lifestyle Qualifications: doing more with less, growing a sizeable % (at least 50 percent) own produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs), raising citified animals (at least chickens), composting, producing own alternative energy, alternative heating, using alternative transportation, back to basics skills, simple living, powering down, unplugged lifestyle, homegrown diet, operating a viable home based business, home-unschooling, energy and waters conservation practices, greywater and rainwater practices and more!

Being the change we wish to see by living the solution on a daily basis.

Are you on less than a 1/2 acre, striving towards these urban homesteading requirements and have a blog that’s detailing your journey towards urban self sufficiency … Join today!

P.S. I’m not really happy with the webring image. I did it in a hurry and could work on improving it a bit – but I it works for now. What do you think?

Better yet, if you think you can do better, send me your graphic image!

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  1. PhoenixJen says:

    Excellent idea! This got me working on my own site so I can add it to the Ring!

  2. Devin Quince says:

    The Quinces have joined the ring 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Your ring will now have a UK flavour too! Great idea!

  4. N. & J. says:

    My fiance and live in an apartment but we are attempting to do all that we can to live greener and simpler.

  5. Anais says:

    Welcome fellow urban homesteaders! Thanks for joining the fellowship of this ring.

    See you along the path,

  6. Simply.Belinda says:

    Being on 3/4 of an acre I don’t qualify but it looks like it will be a great community.

    Good luck with this new venture.

    Kind Regards

  7. Anais says:

    Hey Belinda!

    These Urban Homesteading Qualifications can be “tweaked!” 😉

    We were just trying to have a “base” guideline to determine “URBAN” vs SUBURBAN or RURAL.

    It’s our community so we make the “rules” right? Well, then… We’d love to have you join the community.

    Hope you do!


  8. Ruthie says:

    Aw, the homestead we’ll be starting is 3/4 acre inner-city Houston, but probably with no farm animals, we’re vegan after all! But we will be growing beans and grains for protein… and we’ll have dogs and cats and rabbits as pets…

    Maybe you can qualify for the webring if you’re in a major metropolitan area and grow 50% of what you eat even if you don’t exactly fit??

  9. Anais says:


    Good suggestion. We are trying to make a distinction what is “URBAN” and depending on where you live the acreage varies. For us here in LA 3/4 acre lots are, well, unheard of… or very rare.

    Webblogger submissions are approved on a “case by case” basis. There’s really no “set” requirements – just a basic outline/definition of “urban homesteading.” And as I mentioned to Belinda these guidelines can be “tweaked” so suggestions are welcome!

    Am I making sense? 😉

    So, Ruthie feel free to join up since you are definitely located a major metropolitan area!

  10. Kristi J says:

    I tried to join your webring on ringsurf and can’t find it. Is something amiss or am I just totally webf@rting this thing up. I did the sign in a register thing and looked up “urban homesteading webbloggers” and it said that it couldn’t find any such ring. HEEELLP!

    Kristi J.

  11. Kristi J says:

    OOPS! I tried to type in a euphemism for messing thing up and messed things up. That link in the middle of my last post is not supposed to be a link.

    Kristi J ;P

  12. Anais says:

    Oh Dear!

    I have good news and bad news.

    First the bad news: From the looks of the problems, it just so happened that RingSurf upgraded and that’s some issues with new rings.

    Good news: Kristi, it’s not you! 😉

    I am currently working on this problem with RingSurf at the moment. Hopefully things will be back and in running order soon once they work out the bugs in their upgrade.


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