We started off the year by saying this was going to be a year of growth – in both our personal lives and the extent of our outreach.

So far, we’ve launched 100 Foot Diet, Freedom Gardens, Grow for 10k, Harvest Keeper , revamp and relaunched the journal more (and there is even more in the works!). The participants and readership are growing daily and the urban homesteading trend/movement is spreading throughout the entire web like wildfire.

Here’s a sneak peek (pic above) at the latest web project coming your way. This “seed” site will be a place where urban homesteaders all over the world can converge and connect – covering everything from growing food, citified farm animals, preserving, alternative energy, water reclamation and more. There’s going to be loads of cool features – you can even get your own blog.

In 2001 PTF launched the first urban homesteading “blog-site” on the internet. From its humble beginnings this site has inspired others to exit off the crowded freeway of life onto a more sustainable path towards personal freedom. Currently in 2008 PTF is the now largest, individual urban homesteading site on the internet. And we aren’t about to stop growing!

Help Us, Help You, Help Others

The seeds of this modern urban homesteading movement were planted years ago. A “mustard seed” work which we’ve seen, over time, develop into a growing movement of urbanites striving for self-sufficient life. Thousands of urban homestead’s have, inspired by our example, sprouted up all over the world. What started out as a family, a home, a garden has become a revolutionary movement.

If you are excited as we are of the growth of this surging movement, please consider supporting our work. (now tax deductible!) We’ve set our “outreach” goal this year for 10k – help match our pound per dollar.

And for those who have supported us over the years, thank you for nurturing and caring for our roots. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the fruits. Stay tuned to see your support in action.

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  1. Jan says:

    I was on the site the other day. I was interseted in how much the hosting fee is. Also can you sign up without getting your own domani name for free?

  2. Jan says:

    I have signed up but still interested in the domain name. Any help would be great! Thanks! Just need to know how much and where to send the donation to. thanks!

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