Urban Homestead Song & Music Video

The Urban Homestead not only has a theme song, but there’s a video to go along with it.


Shot & edited by Martha Sweeney.

The Urban Homestead theme song was written and performed by Tom Feher.  Participating musicians & vocalists: Ed Tree; Rob Sandiford; Terry Kirkman; Jimi Yamagishi; Duane Thorin; Anais Dervaes; Jordanne Dervaes; Melissa Thatcher; and Christina Roldan O’tega.

In Loving Memory Of

Rob & Elise Sandiford

Jules Dervaes Jr

Duane Thorin

Growing The Future

The Urban Homestead is building from Jules’ legacy and growing.  There’s a lot of exciting new developments and reasons to celebrate!

The first special announcement of many to come is the Urban Homestead Podcast that’s launching on June 13, 2017!  Anais, Justin, and Jordanne will share their amazing stories, tips for homesteading, recipes, secrets of organic farming, and years of mastery and experience with listeners from all over the world!  Be sure to tune in every week starting June 13th!

Don’t forget to show your support and become a Patron of the Urban Homestead Podcast by making a monthly donation.  Your donations keep the Urban Homestead alive and growing all year long and help spread the word of self-sufficiency all around the world!

Keep an eye out for a video post of Anais, Justin, and Jordanne next week on Facebook letting you know how you can win one of five Homegrown Revolution shirts from them (autographed).  Plus, they have limited number available for purchase and the first 25 people who order will have their shirts autographed by the Dervaes family.  GET YOUR AUTOGRAPHED SHIRT FOR ONLY $15

The Urban Homestead is stronger than ever thanks to good people like you.  Thank you so much for all you do.

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