Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Interview with Dustin Emmons

In this episode, the Dervaes Family interview Dustin Emmons, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Exercise Coach.  At a young age, Dustin fell in love with baseball.  As he honed his skills, he played for UC Riverside and was later drafted by the New York Mets.  His career shifted during Dustin’s baseball career he ran into health issues that affected his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Concerned for his well-being, Dustin ended up getting a number of tests and procedures in order to better understand what was causing his health problems.  After testing and nutritional changes, accompanied with JOGA, he realized how corrective movement practices (JOGA) combined with Nutrition impacts his performance and overall health.

Dustin became a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Exercise Coach through the Chek Institute. He has also furthered his Nutrition Coaching  Career by becoming a Level 2 Masters graduate of the well-known world leader in online nutrition, health and fitness coaching company, Precision Nutrition. His Nutrition coaching is done remotely or in person through PN ProCoach software for women and men. 

Tune in to hear the details of Dustin’s experience, his professional insight on health, and how you can become more self-aware about your own health and how to correct it.

For further information please go to dustintraines.com.

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