Urban Homestead Radio: 2016 A Year of Tragedy

In this episode, the Dervaes Family share the challenges and heart wrenching losses of 2016.  So many listeners have inquired about what exactly happened that made 2016 so difficult that the Urban Homestead felt it necessary to record the details here for everyone to hear and to help heal and move forward. 

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  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, Jordanne, Justin, each of us grieve in different ways. I have been through divorce and a spouse death. Eventually the tears become memories of joy. I would say that it took me a bit longer than a year and still after almost 16 years from my wife’s death, I have melancholy days. You are very brave to do a podcast about the grief in your lives.

    I will admit that the first year was the worst. It was a year of first time things with out the loved ones. I can’t tell you when it gets better but it’s good that the three of you are so close together and can grieve with each other. You have so many amazing memories from those that you have lost. You have lived life to the fullest with them and have no regrets about would of, should of, could of. That’s an important thing when grieving a loss.

    My prayers are with you. Stay strong in your faith. There are things that I’ve never figured out why they happened but I have to believe that God loves us and only wants the best for us but some times just living in a fallen world brings unexplained grief and sorrow.

    Try to have the best day that you can.

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