Urban Homestead & Organic Food (YAHOO Answers)

Oct 17, 2007

Notes by host J. Keith van Straaten

*On the streets, we talked to dozens of people from all over the world. I don’t think we found a single person who said organic food wasn’t a better way to go.

*The very crafty Jules Dervaes runs the Path To Freedom Urban Homestead with his family. They’ve created a genuine farm on their plain ol’ city lot in Pasadena. They were gracious hosts to us for our shoot. And they didn’t give us a hard time for misspelling their family name in the video.

*Christine Bybee is indeed a certified nutritionist –and a nutritionist to the stars! The Rutgers University study she cites is actually still a topic of debate in the nutrition community. Judge for yourself.

*Anna Getty has already judged and is definitely pro-organic! She’s a spokesperson for The Organic Center and understandably I felt a little uncomfortable taking a Big Bite of hot dog in front of her. No worries; I more than made up for it a few weeks later.

*The lady serving me my pizza and salad is Mani, our fabulous PA. I call her Libbie as a way of saying hi to my grandmother.

What got cut… The salad Mani/Libbie put down was put together by the Dervaes family. It was made entirely from their farm, was 100% organic, and was topped by edible flowers. Yum! Still, the original ending had me getting into a tug-of-war over the non-organic pizza with our cameraman! (He won.)

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