This morning as we were in the garden picking our clients orders for the weekend (lots of our clients have weddings this weekend) we received a call from the local Spanish television channel who wanted to come out and do a story. Sure why not since there was lots going on today on the urban homestead despite the intense, triple digit heat.

Besides the same old “yadda yadda” of our showing the urban homestead and farm off it’s interesting to note the influence just being on the urban homestead and how it affects people – with such positive connection with a better path.

The first thing the camera guy said to me when I came down the stairs to greet him was “what smells so nice?” This is quite a common comment we get with people. I tell them, “you see all these plants, well, they naturally remove pollutants from the air. So what you are smelling is ‘fresh air.'” I mean, here we are literally a hundred yards from two major freeways and the air “smells sweet.” Thanks to all the different plants who do their job of removing the toxics from the air we breathe.

Here are some “behind the scene photos” once again. Seriously about the only time we are able to take pictures of each other doing something – and besides you get to see different shots of the urban homestead every time. Always something new to see with different people using the camera.

Oh, and if you are interested the piece will air tonight channel 34 6:00 pm news

The reporter stands in the garden and talks about our sustainable project (photo by Justin)

Farmer D shows off the wonderful earthen oven – built over a summer, using local material and designed by a local permaculture artist. (photo by Anais)

Justin talks about alternative transportation (photo by Anais)

Me and my barefeet talk about how fun and easy it is to cook with a sun oven

Why put on shoes just for the camera? I don’t go around the urban homestead with shoes anyhow, and besides they don’t see your feet most of the time anyway. (photo by Jordanne)

Jordanne shows of the animals (photo by Anais)

Stay tuned for our weekly meal wrap up – some purdy looking dishes coming up, thanks to the wonderful blessings of our good earth.


  1. Molly says:

    I’m trying to imagine what the air could be like in LA, or even just in Pasadena, if everyone’s yard looked like yours.

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Molly

    Yes, we too like to mull that thought over. Wouldn’t it be neat if we could get someone from JPL to come over to the urban homestead and take a sample of air for testing. Scientifically proving that the air is cleaner . That would be cool!

  3. lavonne says:

    Anais, you could test the air yourself with a cheap air purifier [$30 or $40]. Run it in the garden for a few days, then send the filter to a toxicology lab for testing. You have to tell them what to test for, though. The cost would be anywhere from $150 to $300, depending on what you’re testing for. You would probably want do a control test away from your yard too, so the cost would add up. I have a friend who’s an expert on this and can share more info if you’re interested.

  4. Anais says:

    Thanks LaVonne for the info. Good to keep in mind for the future since we can’t afford the extra expenses right now. Especially if we have to test a few sites to determine the air results.

    I still have to get back with you on the WP login, password info.

    Thanks for your offer to help … and your patience.

  5. lavonne says:

    No rush — I’m here when you need me. :o]

  6. Nancy Kelly says:

    I live in heavily polluted Phoenix (tho it is not as bad as LA) and I plant as many fragrant plants as I can to overpower that distinctive smog/chemical smell. I think there should be a law that every garden have an orange tree!

    (Seriously though what is it that smelled so good? I want to make sure I have some planted.)


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