Sairey the sun-bather & Lucie the dust-bather

Bathing Beauties

It’s amazing how many people have misconceptions about chickens (and other farm animals for that matter) being smelly and dirty. Those of us privileged to raised animals in backyard across the country know otherwise. On the contrary, these animals are naturally clean, it’s how people keep them that determines their health and cleanliness.

Our urban homestead chickens love their sunning and bathing rituals. Daily rituals that help keep their feathers and skin clean and free of mites. Given a free area to roam with plenty of sunshine and dirt – clean chickens are happy chickens. Jordanne and I love picking up our chickens and nestling our noses in their feathers – they smell like earth and sunshine! Urban homesteaders across the country are dispelling these myths. Hey readers have you a myth debunking story?

Pea tendrils

Answers From the Urban Homestead

Pea shoots? Are they like bean sprouts? I’ve never heard of them before. The sandwiches look wonderful. – Susan

A. Pea shoots or tendrils are harvesting from the pea plant. Besides being pretty, tendrils can be incorporated into many tasty dishes. See cooking with pea tendrils I use them in salads, toppings on pizza, in stir fries and even rice dishes.

Ride em cowboy!

Saddle Up

I’m up in the saddle again….

Continuing to cover all the animal antics here on the urban homestead this time we focus on our crazy chickens. Some of our bantams love to fly on the goats back and perch. In the ever changing feather hierarchy any chance to get a leg (wing) up on the competition is jumped at. Especially helps if you have docile goats that don’t mind you perching on their backs for a time as you strut your stuff and boast loudly “I queen of the world!.”

Hmmm, lots of entries about animals lately. If your minds in a thousand places and it’s hard to gather your thoughts – cute animals do save the day. Honestly I think (and can personally attest to) the urban homestead animals are our readers favorites.nbsp; Wouldn’t you agree?


Come new year’s eve and new year’s day Pasadena residents stay home and leave the local streets to wondering tourist, revelers and out-of-towners. Being less than a 1/2 from the famous Rose Bowl and about a mile from Colorado Blvd (the parade route) our little street experiences some traffic and even used for parking. From our house we can see the flyovers for both the parade and game and if you listen carefully you can even hear the bands and cheers from the throngs of people.

Photo of the Year

The last few days in 2007 hasn’t stopped the PTF journal from turning out pics and posts. If you have been on vacation and away from a computer (lucky you!) you can catch up by reading the entire month of December

On New Year’s day stay tuned for pics and polls. Our readers will choose their favorite photo of 2007!


As 2007 pages turn into the history books. PTF would like to thank our loyal longtime readers (thanks for coming out of the woodwork – glad to know you are still with us) and newbies who’ve stumbled onto this site as they navigation through cyber world.
Our family is humbled and blessed that for seven years we’ve been able to share our journey and offer inspiration to fellow travelers. May you have a blessed and bountiful 2008.

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  1. Claire says:

    Another myth I have heard is that people think composting will smell bad and will attract rodents. I have a compost bin and a worm bin and you can’t smell them at all, even when you’re standing right next to them. Also, the bins I have are rodent-proof. I’ve never seen any sign that rodents are anywhere near the bins.

  2. ValP says:


    We love all of your animal posts! You are so right about the different noises chickens make. I sometimes think ours are purring. We have our own little Heidi here who loves to read what Jordanne is up to with the animals. She would love to have some goats. Unfortunately, our part of the northeast hasn’t caught up to sunny California yet. We are trying to do our part though. One step at a time!

    Happy New Year!

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