Monday afternoon the goats enjoyed a hike in the lower Arroyo Seco (only 5 minutes away from the urban homestead) Fall colors still linger and light up the Arroyo with bronze yellow glow.   As you can see from the photos the goats walk without leashes.   Once we are out of the way of cars (our goats a still a bit skittish around cars) we let the goats off leash; however, whenever a dog approaches we call the goats to a halt so we can leash them until the dog passes (don’t trust strange dogs around the goats). Goats being herd animals by nature follow us humans (herd leaders) wherever we go – they don’t feel the need to wander off but stay nearby.   The love to snack along the trail nibbling at oak leaves (which are good for their digestive stomachs), sycamores and eucalyptus. When you walk goats you have to slow down your normal human walking pace. Goats teach you to slow down and enjoy the surroundings.   Walking the goats we gals often recall one of our favorite childhood classics ‘Heidi’ and we feel that we are her urban counterpart.

Battle of the Sexes

On Friday we will be picking up a male Khaki Campbell duck. A male duck among all those females (ducks, chickens and goats) should be quite a shake up! It’s going to be interesting to see how he will fit in since the our ducks have never been around a male duck.   Thankfully male ducks are relatively quite and won’t make too much a ruckus as would a male rooster.   Forget “real”ity TV (bachelor whatever) we have our own little real TV right in our own backyard.

Peddler’s Wagon
Customer Comments:

“you seem to be doing a good job choosing really cool, and practical items. Sometimes “green” products seem so gimmicky. It’s nice to have someone weed that junk out.”

New on thewagon this week:soil block makerfruit & veggie strainerenvirocycle composter and tea maker
coming soon: how to books, compost toilet, can o worms, sun composter and more!

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Hi Folks,
    I have 1 male mallard who guards his ‘wife’ and 2 daughters with noisy calls of ‘keep away’ whenever a passing cat or chook gets too close!On the whole they are only vocal a little each day and I have had comments from neighbours that it is ‘somehow soothing’ to hear the ducks amidst the consistent noise of urban living.I wish you every success with the Drake!