solarcob.jpg Few of the urban homestead features: Earthen oven, solar oven, clay pot irrigation bed and intensively planted garden

Welcome to our new readers! The journal traffic has certainly increased this week. Not to mention there’s been some wonderful comments. It’s great to see reader participation.

Two Frog Home nominated this post as one of her ‘Friday Favorites’ Thanks for the nod!

The Urban Homestead

If you are new to this site at would like to know more about what we do here on the urban homestead check out ‘Urban Homestead – At A Glance‘ There’s the Photo Gallery filled with pictures (there’s a new updated one in the works, so stay tuned) and of course this journal which features seven years of entries that detail our journey towards a self sufficient lifestyle. Also, if you fancy the eco products that we use here on the urban homestead you can find this goods and more at our online store which stocks sustainable and practical goods for the urban pioneer.

Who We Are

If you’d like to get to know the folks behind this site our user profiles have been updated with some personal background details – just click on our photos under the ‘Urban Homesteaders’ title at the upper left hand side column of this site.

Goings On

This week has been a busy one, besides the regular homestead happenings there’s been a few media inquiries and appearance requests. A phone call that we was quite special was from a reader in Covington LA – just across Lake Pontchartrain and one of our hometown cities of New Orleans. So nice talking with you D! You’re soft southern drawl makes me a bit homesick.

It’s Friday so that means there’s been another posting blitz. Once again enjoy the photos and entires – feel free to comment or support this site as we continue to work on making web upgrades to improve our web outreach platform.

Next week stay tuned for an olla bed planting pictorial, more about natural soaps and deodorants, home canning and much much more. Since there’s a slew of sustainable stuff here on the urban homestead suggestions are welcome.

Happy Spring!

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  1. emilyB says:

    I am looking forward to the information about the olla garden next week. I have been unable to find then (ollas) here locally in our town, so I have been using terracotta pots, they seem to be working so far! I will keep you posted on their progress.
    I can’t thank you guys enough for all your tips and stuff…
    Keep up the brillant work!!!!
    emilyB – Australia

  2. Molly says:

    It looks like you’re growing your potatoes in half-barrels. Would you mind sharing some information about that? How many pieces do you plant in each barrel? I’m finding I get better yields when I plant potatoes in containers because the soil is just too cold where I live, even in raised beds. I’ve been reluctant to plant more than one “piece” in an 18″ pot for fear of actually reducing my yield but I’d love to be able to grow more of my own potatoes, if only they didn’t take up so much room.

  3. Ann says:

    Just like Molly, I too would love to see more information on growing potatoes in containers!

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