It’s been absolutely crazy (insane) around the urban homestead lately, no thanks to construction work on the house which makes living and working at home a little more difficult. Can’t wait till the work is complete so one doesn’t have to always feel like walking through an obstacle course when one’s in the yard.

Unfortunately, journal postings are suffering from the workload.

Right now everyone is feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, like we are trying to keep our heads above water. This year, more than others,  we feel PTF and the urban homestead are undergoing some major growing pains. Projects, plans, possibilities are all swirling around and getting a handle on everything all at once takes a lot of metal gymnastics and a strong willpower and commitment to keep moving forward. In a sense it’s almost like climbing a mountain, we are at the point where are legs are aching, our breathing is labored and our heads bent down as we slowly put one foot in front of the other. However, once and awhile when we think we can’t go any further and we stop to rest and finally lift our heads we do see in the distance where our summit is and it’s back to traveling the path.

Of course, under such insanely crazy circumstances that are swirling around us, it’s essential that we keep our Dervaes wacky sense of humor.

A man who was over here the other day, after hearing that I’m an aspiring herbalist, asked if I “had anything to cure mental illness.” I told him that “I’m working on ours first.”   😉

Pullets enjoying the outdoors. Another satisfied customer

Along with the hassle of construction, we are having to deal with folks who prepaid or inquired about pullets and are now not returning our emails and calls for them to pick up their chickens by May 21. So frustrating!  Raising chickens is easy and rewarding, the business side is always another story.   In such case if these folks don’t come pick up their birds, that means we’ll have a few more chickens to offer! I’ll be posting a list & pics soon.

The pullets are now absolutely beautiful birds (raised on sunshine, fresh greens and organic grains) and are going to be needing good homes.

Student pedaling for a smoothie

Yesterday, PTF visited PCC for their Earth Day celebration. Unfortunately, this was the first time that we (any of our family members) could not personally be there because we were all busy that day. So, fortunately for us a volunteer, Janice, was able to table for us.   The bike blender was a hit with the students as they blended smoothies for donations for the “Seeds of Change” club.

They wrote:

I wanted to thank you for all your help today. It was truly a successfulevent, especially considering it was our very first.I’m sorry I wasn’t able to visit your table, as I had my own and was very busy throughout….As a representative of the Seeds of Change Club, we appreciate your time and dedication toward our Awareness Day and especially our environment. Take careK.T.

I promise the erratic and brief postings will end soon. In the meantime, enjoy these bookmarks from the blogworld.

National Be Nice to Nettles Week [TreeHugger]

…Did you know: 40 species of insect including colourful butterflies nestle in the nettle. The stinging hairs of the nettle developed as a defence against grazing animals. So effective are they that few grazers will touch them, making them a safe haven for insects. Nutritionally it is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and iron.
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[Nettle is one of the “weeds” we let grow throughout the urban homestead. Just yesterday, I got up close and personal with one! Always have to been on guard for these little creatures.]

All One [Green LA Girl ]

…. There’s a movie coming out ’bout Dr. Emanuel Bronner, called Magic Soapbox, coming to LA on July 13, 2007 –
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[ Longtime (over 20 years now) favorite soap of ours…. that is until started making our own!]

Unshampoo [Simple Reduce ]

If you’re thinking about trying this method, be forewarned! Most people experience a week or two of “icky hair” while their scalp struggles to adjust to the new routine. It is worth it, however – at the end, your hair is very soft, clean, and luxurious.
read more

[ A few family members and friend are already 1 1/2 months into this experiment. For as long as I can remember we’ve used natural, no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) shampoos and only washed our hair once/sometimes twice a week. I remember reading about unshampoo campaign over a year ago and have always thought about trying it. Happy to report the results have been wonderful. Rinsing hair with either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar works wonders. I’m also going to try to resume making herbal vinegar washes with the aromatic herbs that are in the garden. ]

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