Greywater & Rainwater Presentation

After a long and tiring week/day Jules was invited to give a very brief greywater & rainwater presentation last Thursday at the Art Center College of Design as part of the City’s ‘Greening Workshops’.    With such new greywater systems and using issues we aren’t experts at all. We are on a learning path especially when it comes to what the City of Pasadena will allow. There are no really rules and regulations and as with any new innovations we’ll just have to see how it goes. I guess you could say we are right now forging the path and won’t be able to truly know how these systems work until we have installed and tried them out ourselves.     Climate change will make us forced to change our lives (yes, even us).

Bringing home the greenWorkshop offers tips for energy-efficient living [Pasadena Star News]

PASADENA – Whenever you rehab, replace something or make an addition to your home, it’s an opportunity to go green. That was the message Thursday at a city-sponsored workshop, Greening Your House Part II, at the Art Center College of Design. About 70 people attended the two-hour workshop and learned how to reduce a home’s energy and water usage via window replacement, increased insulation, use of shade trees, solar orientation of the home, use of solar energy, gray water and rainwater catchment systems.
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